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Topic: Understanding Marx: Sociology of the Workplace (SOC318)

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Topic: Understanding Marx: Sociology of the Workplace (SOC318)


SOC318: Sociology of the Workplace 
Project 1 
Understanding Marx 
1.Read “Alienated Labour” by Karl Marx (in Wharton’s Working in America). 
2.Select three (3) additional articles from Wharton’s Working in America. You may choose any three articles from the book including those that are not required reading. 
3.In a 500-750 word paper, write a paper regarding Marx’s theory and apply it to the three articles selected and your own work experiences. 
4.Use Marx’s “Alienated Labour” to better understand the work discussed in the selected readings. Choose articles carefully. The quality of your paper will be dependent on how well the research discussed in the readings can be related to Marx. 
5.Marx’s theory of alienation may or may not apply to your work experiences. Provide a short narrative of one relevant work experience and illustrate how it either supports or fails to supports Marx’s theory. 
6.The paper should illustrate that you understand, can communicate and are able to accurately apply Marx’s theory. 
7.Use YOUR OWN WORDS to thoroughly explain Marx’s theory and the articles selected from Wharton’s book. Do NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES. You must be able to demonstrate an ability to understand and distill the material. Quoting the author directly does not demonstrate that you understand the material, only that you can link quotes together. Note that this does not mean that you do not cite. When you put an author’s research findings, theories, or ideas into your own words, you must still cite their research. 
8.Requirements: 500-750 words 
9.Due: End of Module 3. 


Understanding Marx Name Institution Date Understanding Marx Marx developed a theory to explain conflict that arises from the capitalist system. He believed that the capitalist system involves the ruling class controlling and further exploiting workers whom he refers to as the proletariat causing inequality, which is the main source of conflict between the two ( Shantz et al., 2014). Alienated labor is one of the fundamental concepts of Marx theory as it provides analysis of what people perceive as features of a capitalist system of production and how they relate to humans. Understanding the concept of alienated labor helps us to relate to our work experience and see the normative approach of how labor needs to be characterized. This essay will discuss the Marx theory of alienation referring to specific articles and relating some of the experiences of alienation. The essay also explains how Marx theory of alienation is applicable in work settings. Marx Theory of Alienated Labor Marx theory of alienation refers to the separation of things that are considered to belong together naturally or putting rivalry in between things, which exist in harmony. This concept is applicable in explaining social alienation of individual from their human nature. According to Marx, alienation is systematic due to capitalism. Alienated labor is manifests itself under the capitalist system where workers relate to their labor just like a str


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