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Topic: Tourism in Azerbaijan

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Topic: Tourism in Azerbaijan


You have to write an essay about tourism in your country. So you need to write about the different forms of tourism in your country. The importance of the industry. The historic development of tourism there. Opportunities for future growth, challenges etc. 1.in the past we were under the control of sovet SSR UNION.have some research about it and say the impacts of it. 2.as its small country what are the challenges you can mention it. 3.you can find infos about its tourism. 5.http://www.wttc.org/-/media/files/reports/economic%20impact%20research/countries%202015/azerbaijan2015.pdf this website should be helpfull 6. 6.the capital is baku ,its really small city 7.We had song contest EUROVISION, europian games 2015 held there, it has 11 climate which helps for tourism. Azerbaijan has Caspian sea have researvh about it as well. The greatest silk road passes from azerbaijan mention it and its advantage. Azerbaijans brother country is Turkey. we have oil and gas(its rich country) We have Sha Tourism organisation structure formes by firms and companies The management function of its tourism step are : -researchers and tourism product development group -a sector that Engaged in carrying out activities in the tourism sector -Supply division -Accounting and control section -Human resources and technical safety unit -Experts and historians group marketinqlər -Turizm üzrə menecerlər və bələdçilər qrupu -İqtisadçılar qrupu və s It has different kinds of tourism Pedestrian tourism; - Skiing tourism; - Horseback tourism; - Mountain tourism; - Water tourism In accordance with the degree of civilization of the area`s nature and bicycle tourism, automobile and motorcycle tourism in the air, as tourism has developed a wide range of species. I got these informations from http://anl.az/el/h/hi_te.pdf (its in azeri language but you can translate it from google translate it gives you the translation|) after if you dont have enough information you can make up the infos from your fantasy also but in limit so he doesnt ask me where you got this info.Its about my home country thats why i can say that its not in the internet i just know.


Tourism in Azerbaijan Name Affiliation/Institution Date Tourism in Azerbaijan Introduction According to USA International Business Publications, (2008), Azerbaijan is located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is bound on the east by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. Due to its mountainous nature, only 7% of the land is arable. Its capital is Baku. According to World Bank (2015) the country has a population of more than 9 million people. According to Azerbaijan Export & Investment Promotion Foundation (2013), Azerbaijani is the state official language and it is spoken by majority of the people. Other languages spoken in the region include Russian and Armenia. Islam is the prevailing religion where 9.4% of the people are Muslims. Impact of the Soviet Union on tourism Croissant (1998) states that Azerbaijan became a Soviet Socialist in 1920. By 1940s, Azerbaijan SSR was supplying the Soviet Union with gas and oil during the war with the Nazi Germany. From 1970 to 1980s was marked by a time when tourism became popular and massive. By the time the country gained independence in early 1990s, the Soviet Union had made some investments in the tourism which have enabled the industry to grow significantly. Planners from the Union made massive investments in the construction of tourism facilities like hotels, museums, and transport facilities. As a result, Azerbaijan became a significant to...

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