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Topic: The Project for the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology

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Topic: The Project for the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology


 need a writing project done on In-virto fertilization in cattle. This need to include: 

choose the journal you`ve been following for which an article like this is most suitable -- write me in one document 1) the guidelines for submission -- what does the journal tell authors about how to submit articles / letters to the editor / opinions, etc. for publication; 2) 2 of the articles about this topic that have been important for you / helped you in your own thinking/ research practice;

in your drafting stage, help me to understand your background/ context -- what is unique about the practice you are trying? How and why did you decide to enter the cattle raising/ breeding business? And how is in vitro for cattle changing the process for cattle raising? It`s a shift, right -- this wouldn`t have been a practice a few decades ago? When did it arise?

That you`re working with this is quite interesting -- so I`d like to see a few of the articles that have been important to you so that I can think more about how to help you draft a query / cover letter for your submission - the cover letter shows how and why what you are doing will be important to the readers, and the best letters show something about the author as well as the writing -- so this is what I want to be able to think for.


Project Name Institution of affiliation Date Project Guidelines for Submission The project will be submitted to the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology. The Journal has been publishing since 1994; it is a peer reviewed journal with scholarly acclaim amongst industry players. It provides a platform for professionals in the industry to share ideas, explore new technologies in fields ranging from management to bioethics. Submissions to the journal ought to be made electronically vide http://commercialbiotechnology.com/author/submit CITATION Jou16 l 1033 (Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 2016). The journal does not charge submission fees. However, it demands high standards for an article to be accepted. Submissions must be above 2,500 words, but ideally above 4,000 words. The reference style is Vancouver and articles should be written in the third person CITATION Jou16 l 1033 (Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 2016). Articles that Shaped thought process Title: Technology`s role in the 21st century: Making safe, affordable and abundant food a global reality The article reviews the role of biotechnology in making food abundant and safe especially in light of the reality of a growing global population. B


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