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Topic: Suspect Quebec Mosque Terror Attack Was of Moroccan Origin

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Topic: Suspect Quebec Mosque Terror Attack Was of Moroccan Origin


write " Post Hoc Fallacy " passage analysis essay about 
Suspect in Quebec mosque terror attack was of Moroccan origin.
This assignment requires you to find a passage, that contains poor argument(s), 
in the media (e.g. newspaper, blog post). Your task is to present a detailed 
analysis of that passage.
write-up of your analysis, you should indicate: 
What’s the passage about? What’s the author’s main conclusion? 
Which premises are you focusing on? Sometimes a long passage has many 
premises, but your analysis can focus on premises that relate to a fallacy, for 
What fallacy exists in the passage? Explain how that fallacy is an example of 
poor argumentation 
Connect the weak argument to principles of argumentation. Which principle 
was obviously violated? Which principle could the author follow to make a 
better argument in the future? 
Are there any other course concepts that help you build a strong analysis 
about this passage? (e.g. objectivity, a conflict style, etc.). 
Is it possible to make this argument strong? How? What would a better 
argument look like?
Depending on the fallacy, principle(s), and other course concepts you discuss, 
bring in the appropriate vocabulary Some vocabulary that can help your analysis: argument, premise, conclusion, 
fallacious, weak, strong, questionable (plus, the vocabulary that is relevant to 
your fallacy and principle(s)). 
Principle of Charity 
Principle of Fallibility 
Respect Principle 
Burden of Proof 



written analysis should be approximately 3 pages double-spaced 

(Times New Roman, 12 point font). 

For your Bibliography, follow the MLA guide


(Student’s name)

(Professor’s name)

Social Sciences

12 February 2017

Suspect in Quebec Mosque Terror was of Moroccan Origin

In the article there were statements made that proves their initial speculations are wrong because they were quick to judge the attacker to be either Muslim or Moroccan. According to this line in the article: “But these assertions are utterly false. The suspect is neither Moroccan nor Muslim. The Moroccan individual, Mohamed Belkhadir, was actually one of the worshippers at the mosque and called 911 to summon the police, playing no role whatsoever in the shooting.” This only goes to show that immigrants are suspected to be the ones who have the highest tendency to commit a crime. This is false news because the actual shooter is a white French


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