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Topic: Station Eleven Assignment: The Genre of Station Eleven

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Topic: Station Eleven Assignment: The Genre of Station Eleven


Station Eleven Analysis
500-700 words-- this is a strict limit. 
Please complete a word count and write word # at the top of your paper.
Compose a short but focused analysis of Station Eleven that addresses the following question:
“What genre is Station Eleven and why”?
Your analysis should follow the basic essay format, with fewer supporting paragraphs. This is a short piece of writing, which means your argument must be focused on very specific claims--avoid broad generalizations when at all possible, and accept that there is no way you can capture this entire novel in 700 words.
Introduction: Begin with a short hook, follow with your thesis, and then introduce your argument with an overview (a “roadmap”) of your evidence and any other important details. 
Supporting Paragraphs: Think about how many “parts” you want to have in your argument--the answer will have nothing to do with the length of your essay! Simply ask yourself, would your argument be best-served by three short supporting paragraphs or two longer ones?
Evidence: Aim for 4-6 quotations in total. Only provide a quote to show your main argument at work on some level--never use them to “prove” plot or important details. 
We are looking for analyses that take risks and offer creative interpretations. This means that you will need to stick to specifics! You cannot cover this entire novel in the allotted space, so focus in on one characteristic element of it. Avoid vague generalizations about themes & human nature like the plague.
We are also looking for well-written and rhetorically sound analyses, so take some time to remember what you’ve learned about literature over the last two years. For example…
The quotes you choose may be the most important part of your argument--without good evidence, you have no case. Never waste space on a lukewarm quote
All direct quotes should be prefaced with context, integrated correctly, cited, and followed with concise close readings--no time here for paragraph-long close readings! Keep them to a sentence or two!
Topic sentences should be specific to the text and arguable.
Grammar counts. It’s a rhetorical tool too. 


STATION ELEVEN ESSAY Name: Institutional Affiliation: Word Count: 794 Station Eleven Essay Introduction A darkly glittering and an audacious novel is set in the annals of eerie period of the collapse of civilization, Station Eleven clearly spellbinding and telling the story of a would-be savior Hollywood star, including some groups of actors who risked everything for their humanity and art. The author of this novel clearly illustrates the manner in which art, ambition, and memory is utilized in telling a story of relationships that remain the source of sustenance, beauty, and ephemeral nature of the aspect of fame in the world. This paper


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