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Topic: Social Theory Paper: Understanding Bachelorette Parties

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Topic: Social Theory Paper: Understanding Bachelorette Parties


On page 258 of your text an interesting sidebar is offered with the title `Understanding Bachelorette Parties.` In its final paragraph, Brinkerhoff, Weitz and Ortega present their conclusion to the research conducted in 2006 by sociologist Beth Montemurro on which this sidebar is based. For your immediate reference, here is what they have to say.
"In sum, bachelorette parties signal modern women`s ambivalence about marriage. Although the women that Montemurro interviewed were happy to trade sexual freedom for marriage, they also regretted the losses that they assumed marriage would bring. Bachelorette parties serve as a new cultural rite of passage that helps women acknowledge and cope with this ambivalence." (Brinkerhoff, Weitz and Ortega, p. 258)
We have encountered in this course already this semester a number of concepts and theories that, while not stated in the passage quoted above, are implied by it. Do you agree - or not - with your authors` summary conclusion(s)? In your essay, be sure to open with a paragraph stating your position. Then, feeling free to draw on at least three concepts and/or theories that you will explicitly define and cite by way of underlining them, provide a deeper explanation for your agreement - or disagreement should that be the case - with what Brinkerhoff, Weitz and Ortega allege in their summary.
Each of these three or more concepts and/or theories will merit its own paragraph. As always, there should be no misspelled words (including respect for the capitalization of proper nouns and avoidance of `the problem of homophones` that is mentioned in the `Writing Standards for this Course` document). Obviously, the essay must also adhere to proper rules of grammar in order to receive full credit. 


Bachelorette Party Name: Institution: Course: Date: Bachelorette Party The Bachelorette party as the author indicates is a rite of passage, where the women getting marriage get to enjoy their lives for one more night before they take vows that bind them to another person for life


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