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Topic: Social Security: Programs and Policies of the New Deal

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Topic: Social Security: Programs and Policies of the New Deal


In the following assignment, you’ll be reading historical primary sources and developing your own answers to the following question: Historians agree that Social Security is at the heart of New Deal reform. Given that, what does Social Security tell us about the set of policies and programs called the New Deal? As you prepare your answers, you’ll practice the following critical-thinking skills: 
Sourcing: Consider a document`s attribution (both its author and how the document came into being).
Close Reading: Read carefully to consider what a source says and the language used to say it. Contextualizing: Situate the document and events it reports in place and time. 
Corroborating: Check important details across multiple sources to determine points of agreement and disagreement. You’ll also be practicing a range of skills which are useful for college-level writing in any discipline. This paper assignment is very long because it contains detailed guidance on exactly what I expect. Read it all so that you understand what will be required and so that you can plan your time appropriately. This assignment requires you to use the Historical Thinking Matters website, http://historicalthinkingmatters.org/socialsecurity/. The website provides a series of historical primary source documents and assistance for answering a series of questions about each one.


Social Security Name: Institutional Affiliation: Social Security Social security demonstrates the aspects of the programs and policies of the New Deal that aimed to bring prosperity and restore the dignity of Americans. President Roosevelt introduced the projects with the goal of getting the people out of the depression through addressing the economic and the unemployment crisis. The social security was supported by some Americans while others criticized the plan. First, Social Security depicts that the New Deal was meant to help the aging and the unemployed Americans get a living. Roosevelt (1935), in his speech, said the Social Security was going to protect the citizens through old-age pensions, unemployment compensations, and ill health prevention. The Townsend plan introduced in 1933 by Francis E. Townsend led to the development of the Social Security Act. Townsend, an unemployed doctor, developed the document during the great depression when many Americans did not have jobs and was addressing the government. The purpose was to ensure retired Americans over 60 years would continue to get a monthly income to support themselves (Townsend, 1934


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