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Topic: Social and New Media Effect on New York Times Research

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Topic: Social and New Media Effect on New York Times Research


~ Online sources only, accessible by public
~ Please use essay format as below ///
Assignment Brief : Media Consumption patterns have changed much since the turn of the century. Mass media which serves multiple audiences simultaneously may soon find their business model outdated. Choose a media company (New York Times) and write a report on how technology and audience trends have affected it in the context of the platform (Print) it operates on. Analyse the implications for the company and suggest some possible strategies it can adopt so as to remain viable in the current social and new media age. ///
Introduction : 
~ Select a media company (New York Times) and give an overview of the current habits of consumers and the challenges faced by the company and the media platform. ///
Situation/Trends Analysis : 
~ Media and Information Technology Trends
~ Audience adoption of technology
~ Media consumption patterns of audiences. ///
Business Implication Analysis :
~ Impact on media companies for the company
~ Challenges in reaching out to audiences
~ Challenges in realizing revenue. ///
Strategic Recommendations : 
~ Workable business models
~ Content that can gain audiences
~ Leverage on New and Social Media. ///
Conclusion : 
~ Summary of key highlights of discussion


Social and New Media Effect On New York Times Name Institutional Affiliation Social and New Media Effect On New York Times Introduction Advancement in information technology at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century have presented various means of communication. The internet coupled with the release of innovative devices has revolutionized how people, institutions, agencies, and businesses communicate. Companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, have contributed significantly to the development of software and tools that make communication efficient and more personalized. The events have also influenced how the mass media operate. Satellites and digitization of information have allowed international media groups that broadcast to all people around the world to emerge. News Stations such as CNN and Al Jazeera reach millions of viewers throughout the globe. Additionally, the internet provides an adequate avenue for streaming information to large populations. Availability of internet services even in remote areas has enabled people to assess information in real time. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp have millions of users from all parts of the world (Friedman, 2016). The sites can be used for social interactions as well as communication of critical corporate information to consumers. Suggestively, they have become important platforms for marketers and collecting customer data (Hasebrink & Jensen, 2015). While ...

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