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Topic: SOC201 Final Assignment: Micro - Sociological Analysis

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Topic: SOC201 Final Assignment: Micro - Sociological Analysis


Final Assignment Information - Take Home Exam
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The micro-sociological approach examined in this course aims to provide an analytic framework applicable to a wide range of “real life” situations, ranging from our mundane routines to the more exceptional and unusual situations and forms of social interaction. We’ve examined the SI model from the elementary features of human consciousness, to ‘self” and situated identity, all they way up to features of the social order typically examined from a macro-sociological perspective. 
For this final assignment you will be required to apply what you have learned during the course to an actual ‘real life’ case. Specifically, you will be asked to find a recent news story that you will use as the basis for micro-sociological analysis, perform an analysis on the ‘case’ you have selected and submit your analysis in the form of a brief essay, 
Your choice of topic should be limited to one (or more) of the themes that we’ve looked in in the applied units of the course, namely gender, race/ethnicity, age and youth, or deviance. For example, you may want to focus on former juvenile offenders who have completed a rehabilitation program, and focus on what this experience has meant in terms of their self-concepts, social interactions, and personal accounts. You might, alternately, want to focus on how female dramatic performers manage ‘age’ in an industry that places a great deal of emphasis on youth.
The ideal place to start is by looking through recent news stories, and select one of the these as the “case’ you are going to analyze. You may want to do a bit of digging to see if the same story has been covered by different news sources. You may also want to select a story that includes self-descriptions, personal accounts, or large sections where the person or persons involved get to tell their own stories. Some of the concepts you may (emphasis on MAY) want to focus on would include personal accounts related to identity, features of unique or novel social situations that influence social interactions and situated self, the management of problematic identities, or how different social elements converge to produce social order. 
FORMAT: The assignment should be presented in essay form and be 6-8 double spaced pages in length. Be sure to properly reference and cite all sources (consult an on-line style guide if you are unsure how to cite specific source material). 


SOC201-Final: Micro-Sociological Analysis Student`s Name Institutional Affiliation SOC201-Final: Micro-Sociological Analysis Introduction In the recent days, BBC News has captured several conversations of people which depict racism on the normal interactions. The trend has shot higher since the United Kingdom passed the move to pull out of the European Union. It is reported that in the Month of July only, over 3236 cases of racism crime were reported to police posts in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. After the 23rd June Ballot decision, hate crimes have risen by 57% as reported by police. There are over 6000 hate crimes reported in the months of June and July. Some of the hate crimes captured are presented below. "Why are you still here?" a customer asked Lithuanian-born Alma Milaseviciute, 31, as she stood at the counter of the cheese shop where she works in Ludlow, Shropshire. "Good luck on your way back," another sneered. "Get out of my country," yelled a man at Esmat Jeraj, 26, after swearing at her. He`d spotted her wearing a hijab as she walked to work in Whitechapel, east London. Jeraj was born and raised in the UK(Kelly, 2016). "You speak English, don`t you?” a woman in her 60s asked Brazilian-born Danilo Venticinque, 30, at a Southampton bus stop when she overheard him talking to his Mexican wife in Spanish. "Can you understand what I`m saying? This is our country. We are leaving the EU. We will stop having so many people like you over...

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