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Topic: SOC 213 - Final

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Topic: SOC 213 - Final


Please answer the following questions in essay format using APA style. Submit your responses as one document clearly marking which question you are responding to and provide a reference page at the end of each response. Please provide proper documentation in your answers . You may make use of ONLY COURSE MATERIALS to support your answers; this includes your readings, videos, lectures, forums and Internet links provided in the course. Each answer is worth 10 marks and each response should be no more than 4 pages in length (1000 words). Section 1: Please answer the following question in no more than 1000 words. Do any aspects of the double standard of sexual behaviour and attitudes still exist? Can women have as many sexual partners as men without social repercussions? Section 2: Please answer the following question in no more than 1000 words. Why are older men more likely to remarry than older women? Also discuss how families can help or hinder the formation of intimate relations among older adults following divorce or widowhood. Section 3: Please answer the following question in no more than 1000 words. Compare and contrast how the expected roles of mothers and fathers have changed since the 1950s in North American society.


SOC 213 - FINAL Name: Institutional Affiliation: SECTION 1: 1 The aspect of double standard of sexual behaviour and attitudes existence and if women have as many sexual partners as men without social repercussions According to studies, the element of sexual double standards is primarily triggered by interpersonal and situational factors that include the level of relationship commitment, target`s age, and a number of partners. On the other hand, sexual double standards are considered as local contractions that differ across cultural and ethnic groups (Howell, et.al.2011). Traditionally, men and women are consequently subjected to various rules that guide sexual behavior. Women are in this case stigmatized for any engagement in sexual activities outside a heterosexual marriage, whereas men are rewarded and expected to uphold such behaviors. It is, therefore, essential to acknowledge the fact that the aspect of sexual double standards exists especially in scenarios where sexual behaviors of both men and women are judged in consideration of different societal standards and expectations. This is believed in the notion that it is allowed for men to have a lot of sexual experience before entering the institution of marriage for a long term relationship as compared to women (Sakaluk & Milhausen, 2012). An instance of this can be depicted when sexually experienced women are v...

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