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Topic: SOC 210 Critical Summary 3: Society in Action, Harold Garfinkel

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Topic: SOC 210 Critical Summary 3: Society in Action, Harold Garfinkel


Assignment #3 – DUE November 14th by 11:59 P.M.
- Goffman, “Moral Career of the Mental patient”, chapter 38 in Cahill
- Blumer, “Society in Action” chapter 29 in Cahill
- Chambliss, “Protecting the routine from Chaos” in Cahill, chapter 32
- Francis, “The Dynamics of Family Trouble” in Cahill, chapter 39
For this course you will be required to submit THREE short critical essays of 4 to 5 DOUBLE SPACED pages in length. Please keep font sizes reasonable, preferably 12 point Times New Roman. Assignments should be written in essay format. Assignments do not require a cover page but should include a title, date, course number, and your name at the top of the first page.
You may use whichever citation format you are most familiar with. Be sure to reference any and all citations, direct quotes, or closely paraphrased portions of the source text.
For each assignment you will be asked to pick ONE essay for purpose of critical analysis.


Society in Action Student`s Name Institutional Affiliation Society in Action Synopsis Harold Garfinkel highly contributed to the study of micro-sociology. He largely focused on the specific techniques and skills that people employ in a while in an attempt to present them in social encounters within the society. According to Garfinkel, social behavior is much more than innate; rather human beings learn to be social creatures given a specific social set up, culture and society (Fenstermaker, 2016). This is to say that, society plays a greater role in socializing beings more than what the innate behavior can modify an individual. Garfinkel coins a term "ethnomethology" to explain his approach. Ethnomethology can be defined as the methodologies used for studying a specific group of people who make day-to-day social interactions. One of the greatest studies he undertook is the examining of "ethnomethologies" engrossed in gender-self presentations by members of society(Heritage, 2013). Garfinkel study involved a young woman who was branded a name, Agnes. Garfinkel observes that Agnes was a young woman with a figure that a woma


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