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Topic: Sickle Cell and Seizure Scenario Research Assignment

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Topic: Sickle Cell and Seizure Scenario Research Assignment


Billy, age 10 has a diagnosis of HgB SS disease. Student frequently misses school because of recurrent hospitalizations. During a home visit, you notice that the child`s bed in next to a window with an air conditioning unit. The mother states that she turns it on when it gets very hot. She also mentions that he does not drink very much water. What would be your response? What would be your questions to assess mother`s degree of understanding of HgB SS disease (sickle cell)? What steps would you recommend to prevent or decrease the frequency of episodes of sickle cell crisis?

Q:2 ™L.G is an 8 year old student who has poorly controlled Complex-Partial Seizure condition. Mom reported that she has noticed that L.G. has been c/o of a headache prior to seizure activities. According to mom student was started on Keppra medication at home, but sometimes forgets to give it to her in the mornings as she is always running late to catch the bus. Mother also provided an order from the neurologist for Diastat to be given at school in an event of seizure lasting more than 5 minutes. According to mom neurologist will be doing more testing. Mother is concerned regarding who will be administering diastat at school, since a nurse is not always available at the school site. Mother is also concerned how this situation will be handled if L.G. was to get a seizure on the school bus. What would be your response to her mother ? How would you go about training staff ? What is your policy on administration of Diastat ? What are some of the problems that you have encountered in your school’s regarding training and diastat administration ?


Sickle Cell and Seizure Scenario Name Institution Sickle Cell and Seizure Scenario Sickle Cells Scenario Sickle Cell hemoglobin (HgB SS) disease is one of the most prevalent types of sickle cell disease. Since the disease has no known cure, understanding how to effectively manage it is one of the most important things towards preventing its adverse effects. The case of Billy, 10 is not unique to many patients with this disease. After visiting Billy, I realized that her mother had taken measures which even though were meant to take care of him, they were in the real sense making him worse. One of the things that


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