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Topic: Should Rastra Blocks be the Future of Building Construction

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Topic: Should Rastra Blocks be the Future of Building Construction


my topic is Rastra blocks and how they should be more widely used in construction.
follow these directions and parameters listed below exactly 
Create a list of 10 questions about your topic or area of interest.
Pick ONE question and use it to WRITE a RESPONSE per Rael`s pg. 33 "Questions to ask when asking questions". Your response should be THOUGHTFUL, RESEARCHED AND ROBUST! Write an abstract summary, minimum 500 words (DOUBLE SPACED!).
Write a thesis statement after reading the LRC tip sheet (DOUBLE SPACED!).
Write a minimum 4 page essay (DOUBLE SPACED!) putting in to practice your thesis and USING YOUR RESEARCH TO DATE. Please be explicit, specific, explanatory, descriptive, and detailed in your inquiry and response.


Why Should Rastra blocks be the future of building construction,What monetary benefits do they provide, What safety benefits do they provide and What time management qualities do they provide? Abstract: In our modern society, we are now beginning to find alternative materials for construction as we are realizing that our ways of building are detrimental and destructive to our environment. Usually, materials that are manufactured for construction are made using lots of energy and other lower forms of materials. As we are now searching for more sustainable alternatives for our construction and production, one company has appeared in the market that seems to offer a solution to this modern problem of society. This company is Rastra. Rastra manufactures Rastra blocks which are made of 85% recycled materials mixed with special industrial concrete. In our society, there is a pressure on how we have done our construction since we are now beginning to realize the perils of not acknowledging the issues of the availability of natural resources, and the ever growing numbers of human population. In this light, this essay tackles the idea of using modern materials; specifically Rastra blocks to put a solution to this problem. Rastra blocks are marketed as a more environmental friendly material that is cost, energy, and time efficient. The use of Rastra blocks offers a way for our society to utilize environmental practices to create energy efficient buildings. Society can greatly be...

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