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Topic: School Writing Assignment: Experiences and Lessons

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Topic: School Writing Assignment: Experiences and Lessons


hi there this is my essay my personal essay for a nursing school.
the school asks a question that has two parts, what was your experience and what did you learn from working as a CNA. for the essay and they need the answer in an essay form. i will provide you the answer but feel free to add and modify it. i got the answer from the internet so you can look it up too. that`s why i choose the nursing under the subject area and paid extra. 
HERE IS THE QUESTION ; briefly explain your experience and what you learned? 
MY ANSWER ; for the experience part, i have been working as a certified nurse assistant for about 3 years in a different health care setting such as Restorative and Rehabilitative Care ,Dementia/Alzheimer`s Care, Long term care, skilled nursing care ,Hospice/acute care and worked as a med tech at Assisted Living care. 
when i was working at these above mentioned setting i was preforming the below listed duties. please add some if you think am missing some duties of a CNA.
- Bathed, dressed and undressed patients.
- Changed bed linens, ran errands, directed visitors and answered telephone.
- Recorded temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates, food and fluid intake and output, as directed.
- Cleaned, sterilized, stored, prepared and issued dressing packs, treatment trays 
• Provides patients` personal hygiene by giving bedpans, urinals, perennial care, oral care, shaves; assisting with travel to the bathroom; helping with showers and baths.
• Provide activities of daily living by assisting with serving meals, feeding patients as necessary; ambulating, turning, and positioning patients.
• Maintains patient stability by checking vital signs and weight; testing urine; recording intake and output information.
• Provides patient comfort by utilizing resources and materials; transporting patients; answering patients` call lights and requests; reporting observations of the patient to nursing supervisor.
• Documents actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and records.
• Maintains work operations by following policies and procedures.
• Protects organization`s value by keeping patient information confidential.
• Collect information about conditions and treatment plans from caregivers, nurses and doctors
• Lift patients into beds, wheelchairs, exam tables, etc.
• Examine patients for bruises, blood in urine or other injuries/wounds and notify RN of any abnormalities in skin integrity
• Clean and sanitize patient areas
• Change bed sheets and restock rooms with necessary supplies
• Demonstrates appropriate knowledge for safe use of medical equipment (cane, crutches, walkers, Hoyer Lift, side rails, brace, splints, oxygen).to assist on ambulating 
• Collects and labels specimens (urine, stool, sputum).
• Weigh residents using upright, chair and bed scale
• Maintains patient confidence and protects the hospital by keeping information confidential.
• Pass medication as certified medication aid(med tech)
and as to what have i learned , ill list them below.
i have learned to be;
1, culturally sensitive; getting global and background awareness about patients and not assuming and judging by their physical appearance.
2, advocacy; being a voice of patients , learned to speak up to meet patients needs.
3, follow instruction; such as care plan, infection control, dietary plan and medical professionals so i can avoid and prevent future incidents.
4, detail oriented; recording patients temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates, food and fluid intake and output accurately. and following the five rights of medication when am admistrating a medication
5, communication; good interaction skills to be able to communicate effectively, clearly and assertively to nurses, patients, patients family and colleagues to promote a better health care 
6, deliver sound clinical judgment; ability to make correct and quick judgment incase of emergencies such as CPR, chocking, falls etc..
7, emotional stability; learned to remain calm and continue performing my duties professionally in difficult and under pressure situation 
8, providing emotional support; in addition to physical support i absorbed patients react to their physical issues emotionally, so its critical to to give care with dignity, compassion, respect, integrity and patience.
9, I have also gained multiple skills including ,Multi-tasking, Medical Teamwork, Bedside Manner, Infection Control, Nursing Skills, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Creating a Safe, Effective Environment 
I have spoke with Vicky on live chat and she had assure me ill get this essay by Friday 2pm pacific time because i have to summit it by Friday 4pm pacific time. so please pay attention to my instructions. i look forward to the essay 


Experiences and Lessons Name: Institution: Course: Date: Experiences Working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for three years, there were some significant experiences and lessons. During the three-year period, I had a chance to work in quite a number of settings, among them are, long term care for patients, rehabilitative and restorative care, hospice care, acute care, med tech and dementia/Alzheimer`s care. The various setting allowed me to experience a number of aspects of providing care and further build on my skills as a nurse. The different experiences carried valuable lessons that further build on my theoretical knowledge acquired in class. As a CNA, I had


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