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Topic: Role of the Modern Poetry

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Topic: Role of the Modern Poetry


This essay is a work of 800-1000 words --and again, this time you are to research 3-5 OUTSIDE SOURCES and weave them into your essay (and cite them at the back in a Works Cited page). This is all to be done in MLA style -- consult your book or Google "OWL MLA Sample Paper" to see the proper format. Your Task Option 1: You are to compare and contrast the works of TWO or more of the poets since our Drama interlude, focusing on various elements and with appropriate specificity and depth -- with the stipulation that the two poets must come from different WEEKS-- Harryette Mullen could be compared with Ted Berrigan, for example. Option 2: Poetry is news that stays news, to slightly misquote the poet Ezra Pound. The modern poetry in the back third (WEEK 3) of our set takes on wild, strange forms. Write a paper in which you show the relationship between poetry and the emergent technologies and forms of communication we have now (texting, skyping, social media, whatever). In other words, if realistic painting`s goal was to hold up a mirror to nature, what is this modern poetry reflecting? READINGS- WEEK 1: Back to Modern | In the American Grain I: Roots and Trunks of the Tree Williams, Stein William Carlos Williams: The Red Wheelbarrow (557) | Spring and All (558) Stein "Susie Asado" (555) II New York + Thereabouts New York School (Ginsberg, O`Hara, Berrigan, Notley) Allen Ginsberg "A Supermarket in California" | "Howl" Frank O`Hara: The Day Lady Died (607) | "Anxiety" | "My Heart" | "For Grace After a Party" | "Why I Am Not a Painter" Ted Berrigan: "Sonnet: L" "Sonnet:XLI" "Sonnet: III" "Sonnet: I" "Things to Do in New York (City)" "Frank O` Hara" Alice Notley: "At Night the States" | "I the People" Amiri Baraka: "Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note" | "Dope" | "Legacy" | "History as Process" "Nuyorican Poets Cafe" [ < find out what you can] WEEK 2: Open Wide SOUND AS THOUGHT Stephen Rodefer, Clark Coolidge, Lee Anne Brown, Ron Silliman Stephen Rodefer: Four Lectures [pdf] Clark Coolidge: "Blues for Alice" | "Album: A Runthru" | "But it Says Nothing" | "Audio: Whelm Lessons: A Discussion of Clark Coolidge`s "Blues for Alice" (Links to an external site.) Lee Anne Brown: amuseme [pdf] Ron Silliman: "from You, pt. I" | "from You, pt. XII" NEW LYRICISTS Harryette Mullen. Amy King (et al), Buck Downs Harryette Mullen: "[go on sister sing your song]" | "[marry at a hotel, annul `em]" | "[kills bugs dead]" | "[up from slobbery]" | "Elliptical" Amy King: "Call and Response: The Gifts of Women Poets (Part 2)" Buck Downs > www.buckdowns.com (Links to an external site.) > find video clips of folks reading author`s poems "In Memoriam: Chris Toll" WEEK 3: Future Brights OUTLIERS + WORLD VOICES Sharon Olds, Paul Muldoon, Ocean Vuong, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Sonia Sanchez, Yusef Komunyakaa, James Tate [raw, avant-trad, emotive, magical, anthemic, reflective, absurd] + [ all YOUR discoveries! ] __________ Sharon Olds: "I Go Back to May 1937" (664) | "Rite of Passage" | "Spoon Ode" | "Still Life is Landscape" | "Prayer During a Time my Son is Having Seizures" Paul Muldoon:"Hedgehog" | "Throwback" | "Brock" | "Horse Latitudes" | "As" Sonia Sanchez "An Anthem" (636) Yusef Komunyakaa "Facing It" (673) Ocean Vuong: "A Little Closer to the Edge" | "Aubade with Burning City" | "DeTo Nation" | "On Earth We`re Briefly Gorgeous" | "Toy Boat" Victor Hernandez Cruz "Problems with Hurricanes" (680) | "El Poema de lo Reversa" | "Red Beans" | "Glow Flesh" James Tate "Wheelchair Butterfly" (667) [ please listen to accompanying audio whenever available! ]


Name Instructor Course Date Role of the Modern Poetry Introduction Traditional conceptions of ability to read and write were associated with one`s expertise in reading as well as writing. These specific skills have been enlarged to include the understanding skills in conversing, listening, perceiving and presenting (Hughes). These are skills also help people to communicate through various media forms such as visual arts, and drama performances. They also determine the literacy levels of an individual. The definition of literacy in this context includes the ability to speak fluently and be in a position to use any form of the media to communicate. In the modern world, technology is becoming the pillar of everything and increases the literacy levels of people around the world. However, as technology is taking over, poets pose to ask th


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