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Topic: Review the Web Site: Using the Stages of Team Development

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Topic: Review the Web Site: Using the Stages of Team Development


Application: Team Development and Management
With the increasing globalization of organizations, the use of virtual and cross-cultural teams becomes more of a necessity, and therefore occurs more frequently. Research about what makes virtual and global team development unique is relatively new, but it is commonly known that the use of technology for communication alters how employees interact, and can also affect how teams move from a collection of individuals to a group of individuals who have a common goal, who are interdependent, and whose interactions result in a synergistic effect. Moreover, among many other considerations, the development and management of effective virtual and/or cross-cultural teams involves a recognition of the similarities and differences among team members, as well an understanding of the stages of team development.
In this Application Assignment, you will explore the factors that can impact team development and management in a contemporary international and virtual organization and consider some strategies for successful team building in these environments.
To prepare for this assignment:·
• Review the Web site, "Using the Stages of Team Development."
• Review the chapters in the course text, Working Virtually, the article, "National Diversity and Conflict in Multinational Workgroups," and this week’s course media with the following questions in mind:
How does being a contemporary international or virtual organization affect the development of teams? Consider specific factors such as socio-cultural context, technology, geography, personality and organizational culture differences, team structure, and leadership. What is the impact of these factors on the stages of team development?
o How does being a contemporary international or virtual organization affect the management of teams? What are some potential sources and impact of conflict?
o What are some ways to prevent or reduce conflict?
The assignment (2–3 pages):
• Select two factors that influence team development in contemporary international or virtual organizations and explain what their impact is on how teams develop according to the stages of team development theory. 
• Analyze issues and challenges related to managing teams in contemporary international or virtual organizations, paying particular attention to potential sources and impact of conflict.
• Discuss some ways to address these issues and challenges, in order to prevent or reduce conflict.
• Using the Stages of Team Development
Optional Resources


Team Development and Management Name Institution Date Team Development and Management Virtual teams have been necessitated by advanced technology. Virtual teams effectiveness depends on the understanding the dynamism of these teams. Developing and managing effective virtual teams involves understanding the differences and similarities among team members. Team development involves understanding various features of a team like why things are happening in a certain way with the team. This process helps identify strategies that can help in ensuring that teams move for a collection of individual to groups of committed and interdependent individuals that can cause synergistic effects (Klitmoller & Lauring, 2011). This paper presents factors that can influence team development within the virtual organization and also discuss ways to address the challenges that might arise. Understanding the four stages of team development is a helpful framework


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