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Topic: Responses on Aging IQ Self-Assessment: Facts Surprised You

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Topic: Responses on Aging IQ Self-Assessment: Facts Surprised You


First read question(Based on the Aging IQ self-assessment, identify the facts that surprised you. How might these myths commonly believed by people, limit the lives of older people?) thread posts to question by students, then you WRITE what you think about their response,what you agree or liked about their posts. There is 2 posts, so keep them separate and use on page per response. 

First response: I do not often take the time out to think about the fact that my parents are getting older. My mother is turning 58 and my father is 64. Both are getting up there in age, and certain myths I associate with "old" people would have to sooner or later relate to my parents. 
I was surprised to see that black and white people have about the same life expectancy. Simply based on the different health issues for example that are more predominant within the black community, or so I thought. Also I would have lost a nice penny betting that women outlive men. I consider old age with being more frail and also more sad, I would have guessed that older people became more religious towards the end of their life and possibly also more depressed. 

Again I could have easily proven myself wrong by taking a close look at my parents or even comparing things to my grandparents last days. My grand parents were very active, had some friends that they talked to on a regular basis, gardened and had other hobbies to keep them going. My parents are still my "parents" and I don`t really see them as old. They are still up to going on vacations and meeting up with friends. I guess that age after all doesn`t change who you are, your personality is still the same. 

I believe the way we treat our elders can be impacted greatly by our ignorance, simply by taking some of their freedoms or even credibility due to their age. In a way we believe that old people are too old to grasp certain concepts, when in reality we could learn a lot from out elders by simply listening more.

Response 2: 

It surprised me a great deal that "aged drivers" didn`t have more accidents than younger drivers. I suppose that is something that a lot of people misunderstand. It also surprised me that people don`t get more religious with age. I always noticed that there were more elderly people at church when I was growing up, I guess I just assumed that it was something that came with maturity or life experience. Now, it makes sense that church used to be a much more prevalent thing, almost a social requirement, if you will. So it would make sense that those "older" people are just doing what they were raised to do.

Other myths that were included in the quiz could be incredibly insulting and limiting to the lives of the elderly. For instance, if everyone believed that old people will all eventually become senile, then before too long, we would begin to completely shut our elderly out of society. Also, my misunderstanding of the driving habits of aged drivers could limit them, if everyone decided to believe that aged drivers had more accidents, then their driving privileges could be taken away.


Responses Name: Institution: Course: Date: Response one It is agreeable that, when one is considering their parents, it is not common that they will think of them as being old. One always thinks of other people as being old. As such, even the perceptions that one has of the old people, they are rarely considered to apply to ones parents. It is only after a shift in the perception that one comes to the realization. Before the Aging IQ, one is not full


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