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Topic: Responses and Discussion is Against Wars and Terrorism

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Topic: Responses and Discussion is Against Wars and Terrorism


Page 1: read topic: Discuss wars and terrorism including physical and mental issues associated with war and terrorism. Do you fear another terrorist attack on the United States?
Then my response: America has been continually involved in various wars in its history. The 9/11 tragedies is a reminder of the advance effects of terrorism. Indeed, America has paid a high price due to both war and terrorism. Firstly, war and terrorism have resulted in many casualties. People have lost their lives and others injured in the process. Some people have been completely paralyzed due to severe injuries. They lead to increased fatigue and exhaustion. Others lose appetite and experience insomnia. Performance at the workplace reduces when people experience these events. Eventually, individuals become vulnerable to illnesses Secondly, war and terrorism impacts on the mental health of the population. Incidences of mental disorders usually increase during war or after a terrorist attack. Women are more affected than men. Children, the disabled and the elderly are more vulnerable and have difficulties coping during such times. 
I fear that terrorists could attack our country again. The events of 9/11 remind me that we are no longer safe and terrorists could gain access to the country and carry out an assault. I am always nervous when I use public transport or when in a crowded place. I also take note of suspicious people and often think about the horrors of September 11, 2001. Although I do not avoid these places, I am cautious and prepared in case an attack happens. Whenever I am doing my business or visiting family members, the whole traveling becomes a nightmare. I have to deal with the security indignities, which creates more fear in me that we are not safe anymore. I feel that our survival as Americans is threatened.
then My peers responses: 
Peer 1:
War and terrorism are undoubtedly fear-inducing concepts. I think both words make people uncomfortable, almost to the point where they don’t want to talk about either. This is especially obvious in public. When I hear strangers discussing war or terrorism, I just feel this anxious feeling because the thought of either is so concerning. The book mentions that war and terrorism “destroy and dehumanize”. Looking at the tragedy that this 9/11, we can all agree that this is true. So many lives were lost and families destroyed over this act of terrorism. If you consider the type of trauma that the people of the United States suffered from after this, you know that there was a shock that took a long time to wear off.
I remember being a 4th grader when 9/11 took place and even though I didn’t fully understand what was happening, I do remember having this overwhelming feeling of dread. I think that proves that the ripple affects of war and terrorism reach even those who were not directly impacted. As to whether or not I fear another terrorist attack, I think it is natural to have that concern in the back of my mind. The world is a complicated place with opposing viewpoints and unfortunately, in the past that has proven enough to result in conflict. My hope is that we are continuing to promote peace and open communication around the world so that we can avoid another tragedy of this nature.
Peer 2: 
I am against wars and terrorism, but I do not see them the way that mainstream media wants me to see them. I always question a country’s motives when they decide to embark on an always expensive, always damaging war that doesn’t really seem to directly affect me. Is it for the sake of our people? Is it to protect our nation’s soil? Is it to exploit some resource that a foreign country has? Whatever the reason, I just hate what war does to people; those involved will see things that can mess them up for life (PTSD), and the country that is getting invaded may experience similar trauma, never mind the physical tolls of not having food, water, etc.
Terrorism isn’t just some religious extremist coming to bomb our citizens; terrorism can happen right here at home, and in fact, I think that’s more prevalent. The NSA (National Security Agency) has not really tried to hide the fact that they have the ability to spy on people. They possess technologies that can allow them to take control of a person’s PC and view them through their camera; they have technology that can see through walls; and they have a special court that they have to go through in order to spy on anyone, anyone, that they deem a “terroristic threat”. I think privacy is dead. I think people are going through terrorism every day, right under their own noses, and they don’t even know it. As far as an overt operation such as 9/11? I’m not worried about that. But the thing that makes me sad about that is that terrorism isn’t even that bad in America. I knew that people took things out of proportion as is, but after reading some statistics from the textbook, I became even more disappointed at how easily people eat whatever the media feeds them.
What you write: Tell what you liked/agree with about each peer. Keeping in mind of my response. Use 1/2 page per peer.
Page 2: Discuss how pollutants threaten life and health for both animals and humans. Include in your discussion how pollutants may alter the ecological balance between humans and the environment and what affect this may have in the near future.


Responses/Discussions Name Institutional Affiliation Responses/Discussions Peer 1 War and terrorism are truly fear-inducing concepts. People would tend to be concerned and uncomfortable with the mention of terror. Anxiety tends to build up upon its mention. After the 9/11 attacks in the United States, the country has suffered a lot with the aftermath shock taking long to wear off. People sustained severe injuries with them undergoing both the physical and psychological disturbance, which I am in agreement with the post is t


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