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Topic: Response to Consequences for Person that Commit Crimes

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Topic: Response to Consequences for Person that Commit Crimes


Please read topic,
Topic: There are many types of crime, some of which many seem insignificant to most people. Discuss some (pick one or two from the book) of these types of crime and what you feel should be consequences or the person(s) that commit these crimes. Then my classmate`s response: 
Response: The three types of crimes that stood out to me were White Collar Crime, Juvenile Delinquency, and Illegal Service Crimes. All three of these are interesting because they impact different groups of people and should therefore have unique consequences that match the crime and best promote the wellbeing of society. 
When I think of White Collar Crime, I think of the story of Enron, where major players in the company were caught committing accounting fraud. This is especially awful because of the large amounts of employees who were left job-less and the large financial loss that investors suffered due to this crime. For this type of crime, I believe prison time and hefty fines are more than appropriate. 
When I think about Illegal Service Crimes, I think of the backstory of the show “Narcos”, which tells about the life of drug lord Pablo Escobar. His decisions in regards to drug trafficking caused so many to lose their lives through involvement or even simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For this type of crime, especially at this level, I believe not only prison is appropriate but a lifetime sentence complete with psychological analysis to help identify and stop someone similar in the future. 
Lastly, Juvenile Delinquency is especially unique because it involves those who are young and whose minds are not fully developed. These types also impact more than just the person, but their families and those who they commit the crime against. Depending on the severity of the crime, I think counseling is a huge benefit because this leaves room for a change and a chance for the individuals. The fact of the matter is that children and teenagers make mistakes and sometimes the best thing you can do for them is love them, forgive them, and set them on a course that allows for a better future where they can contribute to the world around them.
For all of these types of crimes, there are unique circumstances and contributing factors that should impact the actual consequences.
what you write: tell what you like about it, agree with about it, if you have any comments or questions to ask about my classmates response then ask them on the paper.


Response to Crime Name: Instructor: Date: Response to Crime From your response, I like the description of the three types of crimes. They are well written to elaborate on age, place ad activity that would likely cause them. The choice of white collar, illegal acti


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