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Topic: Respectully: Family Background, History Originally

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Topic: Respectully: Family Background, History Originally


R – E – S – P – E – C – T – F – U – L
Part I The first part of your paper utilizes each letter from the word RESPECTFUL (your reflection
With brief examples ~ about three pages). Use your textbook to help you craft your responses ~ this
is not a “free form” narrative, but a method of integrating theory with real life applications.
R Religious/Spiritual Identity (including major celebrations) Muslim
E Economic Background (family of origin) Middle income family
S Sexual /Gender Identity Male
P Personal / Family Background & History Originally from Ethiopia. I was born from educated family and business man. My dad is graduated from Addis Ababa University by Veterinary science. My mom is business man in small town Ejaji in Ethiopia.
E Ethnic Identity (different from “racial” identity) Oromo ethnic which is the largest nation from Ethiopia
C Communication Skills and Challenges Speake I have no problem to interact with people
T Travel Experiences (vacations and/or relocations) Dubai Canada and Portland
F Friendships ~ diverse and similar folk American and Amhara friends
U Unique Characteristics (abilities/disabilities/traits/skills) I love, respect, understand the people. I have the ability to solve the case both civil and criminal when miscarriage of justice is happen because I study the Law at Jemma University in Ethiopia.
L Language(s) spoken and understood I English, Arabic, Afan Oromo and Amharic
Part II Look over these characteristics and discuss how they shape your worldview and self-view.
How does your identity impact your interpersonal communication? For example, has your travel
Enabled you to have insights that help you connect with a variety of people ~ or ~ does speaking only
One language limit whom you interact with? What would you work on to achieve your interpersonal?
Goals? Choose two meaningful relationships to use for your case studies, and bring examples from
Them into your discussion (about three pages).
Cite communication concepts (minimum four) from the to support your insights (along
With other sources, if desired). 


Respectfully Student name: Professor: Institution: Course title: Date: R-e-s-p-e-c-t-f-u-l Religion: Last week, the Imam taught us that Islam teaches us that the path to spiritual development is accessible by all. My Muslim background is a huge part of who I am and what I believe in. Prophet Muhamad, peace be with him, stipulated Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha Muslim celebrations that I enjoy celebrating together with my family. I also enjoy Ashura and the Islamic New year holiday. My religion has taught me to believe in the positive message of Allah through my sincere worship and this has always filled my life with courage and hope in everything I do. It has improved my social relationship with others from the ethical interactions I get at the mosque and my social network of friends (Beebe et al, 2011).  Economic background: My family is my greatest pride. I have been brought up in a middle income family that taught me to work for what I want in life. I am glad that my family`s economic status has enabled me to pursue my goals through education and provision of the basic necessities. I am always grateful for these opportunities that not so many people have. Beebe et al (2011), alludes that education is the basis for interpersonal communication. Education has indeed shaped up my interpersonal communication skills through relating to students and teachers that has in turn made me develop the necessary skills in the communication process....

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