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Topic: Research Paper on Whitfield`s

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Topic: Research Paper on Whitfield`s "Love" and "The North Star"


1. Use “close reading and explication” skills to advance an argument on James Whitfields 2 poems "Love" and "The North Star".
Also create an annotated bibliography with 3 sources
For each of the three sources on your Works Cited page, write one paragraph (three to five sentences) that both describes and evaluates the content of the document. For each article, you should summarize the main argument and explain how it is or is not useful for people writing essays on your selected literary work. An annotation should indicate the thesis and focus of the article, as well as the author`s major arguments and conclusions. 
Each annotation has most or all of the following characteristics:
--summarizes and evaluates the content
--identifies the main argument, points, and/or purpose of the work
--considers the worth, effectiveness, and usefulness of the work, both in terms of the topic discussed in the article and your own research project
--identifies a particular point of view, perspective, or bias from which the work was written
--possibly draws comparisons between sources in the reference list; annotations can establish connections to other aspects of the same argument or opposing views


Name: Institution: Professor: Course: Date Whitfield`s "Love" and "The North Star" Introduction James Whitefield`s poetry “Love and the Northern Star” embodies poetic literature that denotes the element of rage and bitterness about slavery and the limitations of opportunities that were available for the African Americans during the Civil War. The North Star is sordid on the actual story of Benjamin “Big Ben” Moses, and Jones Hopkins, who escape from a plantation in Virginia during the 1840s and find their way north to Buckingham, Pennsylvania where they obtain favor and help from the Quakers. Their journey exposes them to several dangers and cruelty, but also highlights the unexpected kindness of the people involved in the Underground Railroad. Upon arrival at the sanctuary of Mt. Gilead Church on Buckingham Mountain, Ben and Moses encountered life as free men from slavery. During their experience in Buckingham, Ben, Jones, and Moses engage with other ancient characters who advocated against slavery such as Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Joshua, and Jonathan. Fell, but also face an uncertain and dangerous future. This epic tale is beautifully filmed on location in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where the actual historical events took place. This paper consequently seeks to conduct a critique on James Whitefield`s poetries “Love” and “The North Star” Whitfield`s "Love" and "The North Star." In 1840`s, the Americ...

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