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Topic: Research Journal on New Jersey and the Head Start Program

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Topic: Research Journal on New Jersey and the Head Start Program


Prewriting For A Personal Research Narrative: Research Journal Contains for Prewriting For A Personal Research Narrative:Research Journal
When developing a Personal Research Narrative, there are some things that a writer can do to help create a successful end to the project. One of the best things for a writer to do is create a method that helps to keep track of what is being researched and how that research is developing ideas. After developing a specific topic, here are some steps a writer can take to help to build a stronger Personal Research Narrative:
Create a daily journal to record the research process
In the journal, post the "things known" about the research topic
In the journal, post questions about the research topic
Create a plan to research the topic
Task: Create a daily journal to collect information on research about the topic, share the research topic, and develop a research plan. Post the first entry of your research journal.
Objective: To pre-write, to identify, and to develop a plan for the research narrative.
Please open a Word .doc titled "Research Journal on ____Topic" and post the following information:
Things known about the research topic
Questions about the research topic
Plans for research 
Please post today`s date, a description of a current research source, and thoughts on the progress of your research so far. Please keep this document and add to it every time that you work on your research. 
Here is how these headings might look:
Date Research Results and Findings Thoughts on Progress
Reflecting On Topic For The Personal Research Narrative
Objective: To continue to develop material for the Personal Research Narrative.
1. Look over the notes and the research journal that you have created for your research topic.
2. Develop a short summary paragraph that gives the audience a brief tour of the topic or introduces the audience to the topic.
3. As you reflect further on the topic, try to identify a time where your ideas about that topic were altered, expanded, or challenged by the ongoing research and writing that you were doing. 
4. In a paragraph, describe that time to your readers. Remember to include references to anything that helped to spark any alteration in your perception of the topic, including sources, conversations, and


PERSONAL RESEARCH NARRATIVE By Institution Research Journal on New Jersey and the Head Start Program About the research topic: The “Head Start is a Federal program that promotes the school readiness of children from birth to age five from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development”


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