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Topic: Research and Make the Social Analysis of the film Room

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Topic: Research and Make the Social Analysis of the film Room


Hi, I am ordering for sociology class assignment. 
The essay should be about the movie `Room` (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3170832/).
I need an essay about that movie relates to sociology. 
This is due today 11:59. Although I have order 12 hours, but please send me before 11:30pm. Thank you.
And here is the prompt. 
Students will submit one written assignment (1500 words). The assignment will encourage students to reflect on one of the in-class documentaries/movies, and connect it to social theories (you will be able to choose one out of two possible assignments). The written assignment will be evaluated based on the correct application of social theories, examples, organization and grammar. Additional instructions and a grading rubric will be provided prior to the due date.


Name Course Instructor Date Social Analysis of the film “Room” The movie “room”explores the life experience of a young boy and his mother who are held captive in a room of approximately ten by ten foot cube structure. Ma, Jacks mother, was captured seven years ago by the Old Nick who has kept them in the room which is usually a tool shed in his backyard. The room is under tight security with coded doors and Old Nick is the only one who knows the codes of the door. Jack and Ma depend on Old Nick for the supply of their basic needs such as food. However, whenever Old Nick comes into the room, Ma does not let Jack see Old Nick and instead he remains asleep in the wardrobe. The two are held in captive and Jack knows nothing about the world. They are only exposed to the sky through a small hole that allows light into the room. Ma tells Jack that the only real world to him is her and Old Nick. That Old Nick gests food supplies through magic from the television. However, Ma had tried to escape before Jack was born but she did not manage to escape. Ma thinks of what could happen to them if at all something happened to Old Nick as he is the only one who knows the codes of the door to the room. She figures out how to escape but this will not be easy as they have been confided in the room for the last seven years. It will be difficult for Jack to adjust to the real world and also for Ma to understand the outside world once again. Finally, the


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