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Topic: Research and Discussions Euthanasia and Terminally Ill

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Topic: Research and Discussions Euthanasia and Terminally Ill


Page 1: Debate: "Euthanasia should be an individual choice and an option for anyone with a terminal illness.
Page 2: While reading this case study, keep in mind that stability and consistency in later life is a significant factor in maintaining an elderly persons health, thus, drastic change often has negative neurological effects among persons of advanced age:
"You have a single family home that you and your spouse paid off years ago. You have enough money to live on and a little extra for a dinner out with friends and a trip once a year. Your grandson needs financial help to attend college. He cannot afford to attend a good school that has accepted him. You can help by selling your home and moving to a small apartment. It would mean a major change in your lifestyle."
What do you do?
Page 3:Go to http://www.actuary.org/socialsecurity/game.html to play the Social Security game. This is a game where students get to see the effects of their reform plans. (1pt)
2) Scenario: Proposals for Social Security Reform
You are responsible for ensuring the solvency of the Social Security system. Consider the advantages/disadvantages of each of the proposed reforms below. Use the chart to organize the information (refer to worksheet for chart).


Euthanasia and Terminally Ill Institutional Affiliation Student`s Name Date 1 The question of euthanasia in the wake of technological advancement conflicts with traditional values on the sanctity of life. The ethical dilemma is posed by the society value of personal autonomy. In some cases, the physician opinion is relevant concerning whether an individual who is terminally ill should undergo death assistance. Under the ethical dilemma and the discussion that ensues, terms like ‘autonomy,` ‘liberty,` ‘best of interest` and ‘justice` keep on reappearing. The question, therefore, should terminally ill patients have an option of euthanasia and be treated as an individual right? Euthanasia should not be regulated by lawmakers who have little understanding of the situation terminally ill undergoes but rather is personal and borders an individual right to privacy, right to live and right to die on one`s terms. When the debate about euthanasia is started, most people associate euthanasia with physician-assisted suicide. However, there are two types of euthanasia, passive euthanasia, and active euthanasia. A Clear understanding of both kinds would inform publ


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