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Topic: Request for Proposal SDSU West Campus & Stadium Development

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Topic: Request for Proposal SDSU West Campus & Stadium Development


We are team of Civil Engineering students acting as an Engineering company or firm that is proposing to take down Qualcomm Stadium and replace it with SDSU West Campus. Of course we will be proposing our project to our client. All the details are in the attached document. What I need is a lengthy and a very informative introduction.
I need you to write about the history of Qualcomm stadium and how it has served San Diego. Then write a little about Qualcomm stadium today. Explain why we are proposing to take down the second oldest stadium in the U.S. Finally, talk about our project in length. The attached document is very detailed. 
Please explain briefly what we are doing in terms of design with the project and what kind of purpose will our project serve. Write about the different tasks and roles in the project ( the attached document also has details about that). Explain that each task has been given to a different hard working individual in our group as his role for the project. Explain that we have made a break down schedule that we intend to follow. Explain how we will seek help from facility members, industry advisors, and established and experienced engineers.


Request for Proposal – SDSU West Campus and Stadium Development Your name(s) September 19, 2016 CivE 495 – Fall 2016 Your Institution of Affiliation Introduction Built in 1967, the Qualcomm stadium (formerly known as San Diego- Jack Murphy stadium or San Diego stadium) has been one of the oldest living testaments of San Diego`s might in the field of athleticism and performance. This astonishingly enormous block of solid concrete, sitting in the middle of Mission valley, has prided itself with hosting numerous national sports events, concerts and performances, and, being the home for the San Diego Chargers. National sporting events held in this place include Super Bowls 1988, 1998, and 2003, with the second one – Super Bowl 1998 – held with the World Series during the same year CITATION San16 l 1033 (SanDiego.gov, 2016). Today, many other stadiums are already in the process of development and are just a short time away from completion. Stadiums much bi


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