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Topic: Reflection: Ethics of Communication and Paralanguage

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Topic: Reflection: Ethics of Communication and Paralanguage


Purpose: This assessment presents you with an opportunity to understand the conceptual, practical and strategic implications of what was learned about communication, how you communicate, and the relevance of communication within the workplace. Task: In this essay, you will reflect about what you have learned about communication during six of the modules in this course. You may pick the weeks based upon your interest in the weekly module. To successfully complete this assessment task you should answer the following reflective essay question: What did I learn from undertaking the course BUSN20017: Effective Business Communication? In answering this question, you should: Describe TWO key learning concepts from each of the six modules Describe ONE of the assigned journal articles for each of the six modules Analyse and explain how these two key concepts and journal article allowed you to better understand: Your current professional communication skills and How to improve them. You should apply all your insights and observations together by means of an application, highlighting how you think you will be able to use your leanings in your future career. Other: The essay should be a minimum of 3000 words and a maximum of 3500 words. Citations will not be necessary. The essay must be double spaced and written using fully developed paragraphs. Bullet points are not acceptable.


PRACTICAL AND WRITTEN ASSESSMENT--REFLECTION ESSAY Name: Institutional Affiliation: Practical and Written Assessment--Reflection Essay Introduction In the professional setting and business, it is essential to consider that managers are prompted to present oral information. Such vocational presentations take the forms of reports written to co-workers, briefings developed for teams about projects, sales presentation that is meant to enlighten potential clients, motivational videos to employees, conference presentations during annual meetings, and training sessions to equip the employees of an organization. When the trajectory of vocational presentations are done in a correct and efficient manner delivers effective outcomes, but when done in haste and poorly, an organization is bound to waste its resources regarding finances and time. This reflective essay seeks to establish some of the fundamental principles learned about effective business communication as determined in the six modules presented in the course. To fulfill the demands of this essay, the paper will address the key learning concepts established in each of the six modules as well as an analysis and explanation of the key concepts that incorporate a better understanding of the contents of the module and its application within my current professional communicational skills. Definition: The Ethics of Communication and Paralanguage Two key learning concepts from module 1 are the Ethics of Communicat...

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