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Topic: Questions: What Intervention Might you Make with SusAnne?

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Topic: Questions: What Intervention Might you Make with SusAnne?


one sources for the work book of the 22 questions do not make answers to long paper 500 words the question 5-1 in text citation and reference make about the other 50 words need in 10 days

Icon 11: Question 2 (p. 43)

What intervention might you make with SusAnne, and what would you most hope to accomplish with it?

Icon 12: Question 1 (p. 45)

If Andrew declared he was tired of feeling locked up and wanted to be different, how would you pursue work with him?

Icon 13: Questions 2-4 (pp. 46-47)

Of the comments made above by SusAnne, Jackie, Jacqueline, and James, which one of them most catches your interest and why? What would you say to this person?

In the closing minutes of a group, a member says she feels cut off by you. What would you say or do?


Segment 1-3 22 questions Name: Institution: Segment 1-3 22 questions Icon 1 Questions 3 and 4. James says "I feel like an outsider." because he has an opinion that his cultural difference separates him from the rest. He is from Chicano, so he is most likely to be of Mexican origin. Jacqueline says "she feels stupid when she ramble." The best advice for her in the first session is to tell her to be more confident in herself. She should put herself first and love herself more (Group in Action: Evolution and Challenges, 2014). Icon 2. Question 3. The fear I would have in the first meeting as a member is if the other members would accept me. Getting to know them first would help break the ice (Group in Action: Evolution and Challenges, 2014). Icon 3 Questions 1 and 3. What would make me feel comfortable enough to talk about myself is having other members open up and sharing more on a personal level. In addressing a member who is quiet because of her culture restriction. I would encourage them to open up as the group requires everyone`s contribution and it is their right to express themselves without any fear. Icon 4 Questions 2 and 3.


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