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Topic: Psychological Factors Criminal Behavior Research Paper

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Topic: Psychological Factors Criminal Behavior Research Paper


Introduction: Week 4

In this week’s video resource, we met Jeff; a 16 year old male from a 2 parent home with a younger sister.  Jeff feels neglected at home.  His father is always traveling for work and his mother is always busy with his sister.  One day, Jeff decides to sneak out with his friends.  The story ends with Jeff being arrested for several crimes and being initiated into a gang (2012c).  What happened to Jeff?  This paper will discuss the Two psychological factors that lead people to commit crime.( DO not copy the introduction  write in your own word )

Psychological Correlates of Criminal Behavior

Psychological factors are among the most popular and researched constructs in behavioral sciences. There are a variety of psychological factors identified as being associated with criminal and delinquent involvement. People who possess these factors are considered at-risk for engaging in violent actions, many of which are criminal. Some of the most salient psychological factors linked to crime are callousness, lack of empathy, and narcissism. Research factors, such as those relating to self-control, impulsivity, and even cognitive abilities, are correlated with criminal behavior. Not all psychological factors have equal effects on crime. Some factors may have strong effects on crime, others have relatively moderate effects on crime, while others have little to no effect on crime. Identifying the factors most strongly related to criminal behavior can help to predict crime and eventually treat criminal offenders.

For this Discussion, review the media piece The nature of crime and criminology: Psychological factors. Select the two most important psychological theories that may explain the crime in the media piece.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief description of the two psychological factors you selected. Then explain why these two psychological factors are most important in the explanation of criminal behavior.

Respond to a colleague who selected at least one factor different from the two you selected.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.


Criminal Behaviors Name: Instructor: Name: Criminal Behaviors From the video, a 16 remains a home, in neglect as his father is ever committed with the sister. On one occasion, he goes out with friends, where he involves himself in crime and then follows his arrest. Psychological factors of crime exp


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