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Topic: Project 3A Assignment: Homogenization and Diversity

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Topic: Project 3A Assignment: Homogenization and Diversity


Project 3A: Homogenization and Diversity
This activity will enable you to
•Understand the process of globalization and its consequences for societies, cultures, groups, and individuals..
•Read the following from Lechner and Boli (Eds.), (2015). The Globalization Reader (5th ed.).
Introduction to Part VIII.
Chapter 46: Cultural Imperialism.
Chapter 47: Mapping Global Media Flow and Contra-Flow.
Chapter 50: Bollywood versus Hollywood: Battle of the Dream Factories.
Chapter 51: Why Hollywood Rules the World, and Whether We Should Care.
This writing assignment asks you to synthesize what you have learned in this module about the global culture industry and its relationship to the larger process of globalization. In a 1000-word essay (not including your cover page) discuss the ways in which media globalization contributes to both homogenization and diversity in the countries of the world. Use examples from at least two countries, of which at least one should be from the South (not Japan, Australia, Canada, the US or any country in Western Europe) Be sure to include a thesis statement and supporting arguments.
Your essay should demonstrate a strong understanding of assigned reading materials for the module. The paper, not including the cover page, should be double spaced in 12–point font.


Project 3A: Homogenization and Diversity Name Institutional affiliation Project 3A: Homogenization and Diversity Ways in which media globalization contributes to both homogenization and diversity in the countries of the world Lechner and Boli (2015) states that the modern media are a key factor in the globalization phenomenon. Developments in information technology have provided the infrastructure to enhance communication. Accessibility of the internet and satellite television have revolutionized how people share information and motivated increased travel and exchange of culture. Media globalization facilitates the production and distribution of information from one culture to another. Researchers show that as information communication technologies develop, the production of information is exceeding the consumption. Media globalization includes television, radio, film, music, the internet, and other forms of digital media. The intent of this review is to address ways media globalization contributes to homogenization and diversity. Reviews of Lechner and Boli (2015) confirm that the US-led Western media has a global influence on people across the world. The content is available in both online and offline sources and in formats that can be accessed and used by the recipients. According to the authors, the influence emerging from the Western media can be attributed to their economic and political power. People in the world have in the past presented different ways of l...

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