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Topic: Prepapre an Analysis of Nike in Chinese Marketplace

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Topic: Prepapre an Analysis of Nike in Chinese Marketplace


Analysis of Nike`s in Chinese Marketplace
Analyze why Nike chose to enter the Chinese Market.
Research Focus - Information and Data
(Following items would be effective background to explore for this Option)
^ company name and industry in which it operates
^ was this 1st non-domestic market chosen, if not in which other (s) is business being done
^ reason company chooses to expand abroad
^ what type of research was done
^ why particular country was chosen
^ what cultural dimensions were focused upon and why these
^ any ethical issues identified that may not align with US (or parent company) practices
^ economic, political and legal systems used in the country
^ any trade interventions in affect in this country or which US has in affect relative to this
^ opportunities for success foreseen in this country
^ is there a favorable currency valuation between this country and US (parent company)
^ demographics of country – relative to the target market for company`s product or service
^ what strengths executive decision-makers perceived the company had
^ particular business issue (s) was (were) researched, excluding those mentioned in points 
mentioned above – that would increase entry risks
^ what business strategy was used or was suggested
^ hiring strategy that will be used – if company will have an actual presence in country
^ in what industry or product or service would entry be (if different than currently served by
^ type of entry mode used or suggested and why
Note: Much of the above data may be presented using bullet points. Ensure that enough explanation is used that your meaning is clear. May mean using more than one phrase – 1 or two words, in most cases will not provide sufficient clarity. 
Concluding Analysis
Incorporate, using paragraphs, into this section of the project discussion of; dimensions that you perceive make this country a potential viable marketplace, effectiveness of identified company`s strengths to allow opportunities to be captured and risks to be minimized and any dimensions that you perceive require further research and why. Further identify whether there are any cultural differences that may need to be particularly recognized by marketing and HR. 


Analysis of Nike in Chinese marketplace Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Analysis of Nike Inc in Chinese marketplace This paper provides a detailed analysis of Nike’s operation in China. Reasons why the company chose to enter the Chinese marketplace are described, along with the type of entry mode that Nike used, the cultural dimensions that Nike focused on, hiring strategy used among other important points. The business strategy used by Nike in its expansion into China is also described exhaustively. Nike Inc is a multinational corporation which designs, develops, markets and sales lifestyle and sportswear, equipment and apparel, services and accessories. Nike designs its athletic footwear products mainly for athletic usage. Even so, most of the footwear products are worn by consumers for leisure or casual purposes (Lashinsky, 2015). This company operates in the sportswear industry as it offers both sports footwear and apparel. China was not Nike’s first non-domestic market considering that Nike operates all over the globe. This multinational firm has operations in Japan, Europe, N


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