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Topic: Potential Disadvantages of Using Employee Owned Devices for Company Business

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Topic: Potential Disadvantages of Using Employee Owned Devices for Company Business


The new CEO of tech company XYZ has recently prohibited use of all employee owned devices including hand held (smart phones, tablets) and other technologies (personal computers, laptops) within company buildings and for company business. Many critics have accused the decision as “sending the company back to the stone dark ages” by eliminating telecommuting and employees working after hours on projects from home. Due to the controversial decision, the Board of Directors has asked for a report analyzing the risks of these behaviors. You are going to report to the Board at the upcoming shareholder meeting. Your report should be 5pages and double- spaced. Include a title page and references page (not included in the 5 - 8 page count). In your report, address the following:
1. What are some potential disadvantages of using employee owned devices for company business? What are the security risks of employees using their own devices? What are risks of using these on the premises? What are the risks of using devices remotely?
2. What are some risks of flexible work arrangements and telecommuting?
3. What are some arguments in favor of using employee owned devices for work on site and remotely?
Prepare a professional report for the Board using references as citations and other evidence to support points. Summarize by providing your recommendation based on your findings.


EMPLOYEE OWNED DEVICES NAME: INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATION Potential Disadvantages of Using Employee Owned Devices for Company Business Security One of the challenges posed by employee-owned devices is the security of the company data occasioned by the increased mobility through the use of Smartphone`s and laptops which have facilitated the data to move in and out of the company much more easily. These has a contributed heavily to insecurities in areas such as access control, policy enforcement, and also the security of confidential data on users` devices as they are more open to greater risks such as devices getting lost and lack of control of data (Colwill, 2009). IT control As stated above, employee-owned devices do not require a strong of an IT presence ad this is one of the source of the loss or lack of control of the important company data as it will be harder to dictate and enforce acceptable usage policy for devices that belong to the employee. Furthermore, if the rules are implemented, the owner is likely to find their way around it as they are more comfortable wi


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