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Topic: Place-Based Education and Why and How Place Matters

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Topic: Place-Based Education and Why and How Place Matters


1) Define place-based education, and articulate why and how place matters; 
2) Give examples that demonstrate the “best place” for learning in connection to the classroom (indoor and outdoor), the community, technology and the land; 
3) Describe how “place-based” learning is integrally connected to the relational ways of knowing of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples; 
4) Explain how the integration of “place” can be used to enhance principles of social, global, and ecological justice; 
5) Explain how “place-based” education addresses
the “Principles of Early Learning,” p. 5 in Play and Exploration https://www.edonline.sk.ca/bbcswebdav/library/Curriculum%20Website/Kindergarten/Resources/Additional/play_and_exploration_elpg.pdf
Support your explanations with citations.


Place-based education Name Institution Place-based education Place-based education and why and how place matters Place-based education is defined as the process of utilizing the local community and the environment as the first point to teach concepts in subjects such as the language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and other subjects contained in the curriculum (Sobel, 2004).The idea of place has several meanings that vary from the psychological state, physical location, and social status. In this respect, the term “place” does not only refer to a geographic location; but rather, it also denotes to the opportunities for seclusion and silence, opportunities for exploring and opportunities to effect change. Place in children`s lives matter for various reasons; first, it emphasizes on the hands-on, real-world, learning experiences that increase the academic performance of children, enhances the attachment of students to the society, enables the learners to appreciate the natural world, and improves the commitment as active contributors to the society. Second, Sobel (2004) posts that the community vitality and the quality of the environment improves when the community organizations, local citizens, and the environmental resources around the school are actively engaged through place-based education. Third, place-based learning energizes teachers by placing them in an environment where they work hard to achieve the intended resul...

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