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Topic: Philosophy Essay: Arguments for the Existence of God

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Topic: Philosophy Essay: Arguments for the Existence of God


Of the arguments for the existence of God (the cosmological [first cause] argument and the teleological [design] argument found in Hume, and the ontological argument of Anselm), which is the best in your view? What is the structure of the argument? What is a potential objection to the argument? Is there an adequate response to that objection? Is the argument sufficient to make belief in God rational? Why or why not?
Your paper will have two main components: (1) reconstructing the argument(s) of others and (2) critically examining these arguments. Think of your essay as answering the following questions: (1) What did the author say? (2) Do you agree with what the author said? Why or why not?
Your reconstruction should be accurate, concise, and logically ordered. Avoid repeating yourself or excessively quoting the text. Instead, try to put the argument(s) into your own words as best as you can. Cite any claim of the form ‘person X said Y.’ Citing your sources is a major element of academic writing. Papers without sufficient citations (including page numbers) will be penalized. Also avoid including irrelevant information and simply stick to the matter under consideration. After reconstructing the argument(s) you must provide your own view on the material. This should consist of reasons for or against the argument(s) under consideration. In philosophy it is not merely enough to agree or disagree with an argument. Instead, the important element is why you agree or disagree. Why should anyone else agree with you? You should provide reasons beyond what is simply included in the text. However, this may (often) take the form of you agreeing or disagreeing with some of the authors; here your original contribution is providing further evidence for or against their views.
You may choose to look at sources other than the ones we have read for class. If you use other sources (including internet sources), cite them in your bibliography. (Note: exercise caution when using internet sources. Never cite Wikipedia in an academic paper. Two good, peer-reviewed philosophy sites are the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.) If you only use our textbook, no bibliography is required. I do not mind which referencing system you use, as long as (1) you are consistent, (2) you provide page numbers in your citations, and (3) it is easy for me to locate the source. This means you need to include full bibliographic information for outside sources. If you do quote directly from a source, you must put the passage in quotation marks and acknowledge the source, including the page number. Excessive close paraphrasing counts as plagiarism. All information taken from another source – whether quoted or paraphrased – must be cited (with page numbers).


Philosophy Essay Name Institution of affiliation Date Philosophy Essay The question as to the existence of God or a supreme being in whatever form has plagued humanity for centuries. It is this search for God that has resulted in the development of major world religions. Major scholars in the previous millennium have discussed this issue at length. They have come up with a number of arguments that provide a rational basis for the belief in the existence of God. These arguments include: the cosmological argument, teleological argument, and ontological argument. These arguments seek to provide a logical rationale as to the existence of God. The paper will, therefore, discuss the arguments at length. The paper will further attempt to determine the objections raised for these arguments and whether the arguments provide sufficient evidence for the existence of God. Teleological Argument This argument is based on the premise of deliberate or intelligent design in the natural world. The argument thus notes that since the Universe s


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