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Topic: Phase 3 Writing Assignment Paper: Khalid N Aldabal

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Topic: Phase 3 Writing Assignment Paper: Khalid N Aldabal


Hello, Please try to avoid the mistakes in phase 1 and phase 2 and try to follow the comments that were suggested. Be very careful with APA and try to do it as it is suggested in the guide. I have attached the final revision of Phase 1 and 2 just incase you want to look them over. Also try to use better sources and preferably online sources. When you`re doing the research and looking for a source, please try to limit your search to recent sources. Limit to the past 5 years. Use 6 or more sources and use the book as a source as well. Please feel free to email me with any questions. The sooner you send this the sooner I will order my next papers. Thanks


Khalid N Aldabal (600) Phase 3: MANAGING AROUND THE WORLD Bancolombia in Colombia Chapter 9: Growing and Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Firm The Most Important Learning Objective Outlined in This Chapter The most important is LO5, and the reason I chose this one is because the strategies that the firms puts in place, both formal and informal, will determine the success of the firm in global market. Facets That Have Changed from the Time of Peng`s writing to Present According to Bond and O`Byrne (2014), an example of change would be change in the formal government regulations pertaining to the formation, registration and licensing of firms in a country. Another example of change would be the technical innovation strategy that the businesses employ to produce superior products. * For example according to Morgan, Anokhin and Wincent (2016), firms are becoming innovative and proactive and developing risk-seeking behavior. A final example of change would be closely working with the government of the host country so that it may get support from that government. * According to Lee, Peng and Song (2013), firms are cooperating with the host government in negotiating the favorable policies regarding to entrepreneurship such as taxation. Significant Impacts of These Changes on Bancolombia in Colombia Impact on my country would be the simplification of the registration and licensing procedure for the new firms. Requirements for registering a company have been sim...

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