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Topic: Organization of Unions: The Same Wages and Benefits

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Topic: Organization of Unions: The Same Wages and Benefits


Assignment Choice #1: Organization of Unions 
This is a two-part assignment where you are expected to address Parts 1 and 2 in one well-written essay.
Part 1:
Explain and respond to the following statement: “It is not the union that organizes the employees; it is management.” In your essay, craft responses that a union organizer might make to some of the following statements from the Labor Relations in Action feature shown below:
Labor Relations in Action 
Objections to Joining the Union
•"Why should I join the union when I get exactly the same wages and benefits without joining?"
•"I can`t afford to join. I`ve got a family to support, and my check just isn`t big enough (to cover union dues)."
•"I don`t need a union. My employer is fair and will take care of me. What could the union get for me that I wouldn`t have gotten anyway?"
•"The union does not do anything for you [grievances are not settled satisfactorily]. I don`t like the people who are running things in the union."
•"I don`t know enough about the local or the union movement."
•"I`m not interested. I just don`t want to join."
•"I`ll think about it. Maybe I`ll join someday."
Source: Organizing Committee, AFSCME Council 24, WSEU, 5 Odana Court, Madison, Wisconsin.
Part 2:
In light of your response to the first part of this assignment, critically evaluate the arguments for and against the Employee Free Choice Act and the Mandatory Secret Ballot Protection Act. How would you vote? Provide your reasons.
Your paper should be four to six double-spaced pages in length (not including title or reference pages), adhere to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements, and include a minimum of three credible sources (which can include the course readings). The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find this information.


Organization of Unions Student`s Name Institutional Affiliation Organization of Unions “Unions are groups of working people who join to talk to employers about wages and other working conditions instead of workers talking to employers on an individual basis.” They represent all workers giving them the ability to get better deals for all workers than an individual employee could by directly negotiating with the employer. However, the success of the unions depends on its own management. How its management organizes the workers to come together and voice the grievances as a group. Without better management, the employees will move out of the unions and others may not join them. Mobilizing workers to join the unions is faced with many challenges especially from the workers. They have many objections and reasons as to why they do not want to join the unions. According to the Labor Relations in Action, there are some objections that all union organizers get from the employees who they want to join there unio


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