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Topic: Organization Business Profile: The Coca-Cola Company

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Topic: Organization Business Profile: The Coca-Cola Company


The purpose of this Course Project is to engage students in understanding the far reaching challenges and opportunities of operating an international business. Upon the completion of this Course Project, students will also have a greater appreciation of how culture, political systems, society, and other factors impact business practices not only domestically but internationally.
The Course Project must be comprehensive and follow the following analytical stages.
1. There are four sections in this Course Project and are due at the end of Weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8. At the end of Week 8, you will submit a complete report containing all sections along with a cover page, table of contents, body text with appropriate subtitles, references page, and appendices. There is a separate reflection document which students will complete individually and submit to the appropriate Dropbox.
2. Each section should be two- to three-pages in length with appropriate references shown on the references page. At least five authoritative, outside references are required (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable). These should be referenced following APA guidelines.
Section 3: Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources (due at the end of Week 6) 
1. Marketing strategies
2. Pricing strategies
3. Global operations and supply chain
4. Compensation and appraisal system
5. Employee culture, employer relations, and practices
Section 4: Global Finances (due at the end of Week 8) 
1. Exchange rates
2. Sources of funds
3. Stock performance
4. Accounting practices (GAAP and IFRS)
5. Financial performance


The Coca-Cola Company Sharamane Jackson DeVry University The Coca-Cola Company This paper will deliberate on the Coca-Cola Company, which is an international organization with its headquarters in a campus in Atlanta Georgia. History and ownership The company can trace its origins back to 1886. A pharmacist named Dr. John S. Pemberton who out of curiosity decided to invent a distinctive tasting drink started it. He created flavored syrup and then mixed it with carbonated water resulting in the creation of the Coca-Cola drink. His assistant who was also his bookkeeper came up with the name ‘Coca-Cola’ and designed the unique logo that the company uses up to date (Lu, Chen, Fuhrman, & Sun, 2016). The beverage was available at the soda fountains and at first the company faced stiff competition. One of the primary challenges the company faced was creating a unique and attractive bottle. Over the years, the company has devised new advanced plans and techniques that have catapulted the company into being ranked as the largest distributor of non-alcoholic beverages. The Coca-Cola Company is a publicly owned organization that trades on the New York stock exchange. Countries and identification in stock market The Coca-Cola Company has spread its wings worldwide. By 2012, The Company had established influence in almost all countries except two that had restricted its involvement in their market. Cuba and North Korea restricted the company’s growth in their...

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