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Topic: No one Should be Required to Retire at a Specific Age

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Topic: No one Should be Required to Retire at a Specific Age


Page 1 & 2: Read topic: Debate: "Everyone should be required to retire at age 65." Or "No one should be required to retire at a specific age."
Then my response: The issues surrounding the matter of retirement have always been debatable. Some people argue that everybody should retire at the age of 65 since they stop being actively productive at this age. Others argue that people should not be forced to retire if they are still healthy. In my opinion I think the issue of retiring depends on the healthy and production rate of the individual. In some professions the older one gets on the job the better the experience for instance judges. They should be given extra years on the bench.
The issue of retirement depends on the individual. I think a person should retire the moment they become unproductive in society. A good way of measuring the productivity of an individual is by looking at their contribution to the company where they work. If amount of work is lowering and age is the primary cause then one should be forced to retire. Generally there should be no specific age where a person is required to retire. 
Then both peers response to topic: 
Peer 1: 
I am going to have to argue that "No one should be required to retire at a specific age." However, I do tread lightly in the matter. I feel like retirement should be handled on an individual basis, not forced upon by the government or society. If a person feels the need to retire at age 65 because work is getting harder by the day, more power to them. If a 65 year old person is still willing and able to work past the "retirement" age, more power to them too. We should not regulate an age limit on work. In fact, I believe if we required everyone aged 65 or older to retire, the older aged population would begin to decrease. Work is a sense of belonging and purpose for many people. Taking that away could have devastating effects.
On the other hand, by not having an age cut-off for retirement and allowing people to work past age 65, those people are accumulating more retirement benefits the longer they work. This could have a negative effect on future retirees and present retirees. However, when weighing the pros and cons, I still have to say NO to a required age limit on retirement.
Peer 2: 
I would have to go with "No one should be required to retire at a specific age."
I agree with this statement because everyone has the right to make their own choices about their own life. If you are 65 and above and health wise you are able to work and feel good then have at it go work. And the main reason you see a lot of elderly people working is because their Social Security Benefits is just not enough for their cost of living. Food, Medication, Co-payments for doctors are high and still rising; so their paycheck that they get every month is not enough. I am pretty sure some elderly don`t won`t to work but have no choice in the matter. They have bills and have to eat like everyone else. 
What you write: tell what you liked/agreed about each response to topic. keeping them separate. One page per peer. Keeping in mind of my response as well so we are on the same page. 
Page three: Debate: "The U.S. retirement income system will fail to meet the needs of most older Americans in the future.".


Responses/Discussion Name Institution Date Peer 1 I agree that, “No one should be required to retire at a specific age,” since individuals make a personal choice to continue working past the age of 65. Unlike before, there is realization that older workers are willing and able to work as they contribute positively to the society. The perspective that the government and the society can decide when is the right time for people to retire is based on the assumption that this is the best for everyone. However, this perspective ignores that there are older workers who feel a sense of belonging and purpose in their workplace, and they appreciate being given an opportunity to work. At times, there is a tendency to assume that older workers are past their age and unproductive, but they have experience and some may be passionate about their work that they would not change jobs even if they rec


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