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Topic: New Cultural Movement in Modern China Assignment Paper

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Topic: New Cultural Movement in Modern China Assignment Paper


Please finish this paper base on the articles of I upload and then find some other resources for support central argument. My paper will be discuss the three articles totally, the first one is ¡°Madman¡¯s Dairy¡± by LuXun and another one is ¡°A slave mother¡± by RouShi, the third one is ¡°The Sea of Regret¡± by Wu JianRen. Please find the relationship between them. My central argument will be focus on the how these articles revealing man-devouring nature and hypocrisy of the Chinese feudal ethics and traditional Chinese family system as well as how should people pursuit the liberty of people¡¯s social status and life style, especially are young women. For another explain what is the new about "new cultural movement"? What might have been the elements of the "newness" that seemed to be so central for the coming of age of a whole generation of the May Fourth intellectuals as well as explain the influence of Lu Xun¡¯s spirit(Change).


New cultural movement in modern China Student: Professor: Course title: Date: New cultural movement in modern China In this essay, the purpose is to provide an exhaustive analysis and discussion of three different articles. These are Diary of a Madman by Lu Xun, A Slave Mother by Rou Shi, and The Sea of Regret by Wu Jianren. The relationship between these three articles is described. The central argument in this essay is that the three articles reveal the man-devouring nature and hypocrisy as well as cruelty of the Chinese feudal ethics and traditional family system. In addition, in light of the three articles, this essay discusses the New Cultural Movement in China and the influence of Lu Xun’s spirit/change. Diary of a Madman was written by Lu Xun in the year 1918 and is a popular story in contemporary China. In this novel, the main idea is essentially to reveal and make known the darkness of the feudal system. The author effectively employed sarcasm in exposing the shortcomings of feudal ethical codes and family system (Xun, 1918). Rou Shi, who was a student of Lu Xun, was also a popular revolutionary novelist in China. A Slave Mother is Rou Shi’s most popular creative writing, in which he e


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