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Topic: My Career Path Plan: Having Effective Search Tools

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Topic: My Career Path Plan: Having Effective Search Tools


Final Paper Guidelines

  • Write 2-3 pages, 1,000 word minimum single spaced (please number each of your responses and add a space between the questions). Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt., 1 inch margins.
  • Do not use essay format, but rather number each of your responses. Do not include the questions in your paper, just your responses to the questions.
  • Add your word count on the last page of your document. If your word count is over 2,000 words 20 points will be deducted from your paper because while I want to be able to read everything you have written, there are 220 final papers to review.
  • Do not copy and paste from your journals - your responses need to be specific to this assignment. (Remember we use Safe Assign and it will show  when previous text from assignments in this class are being used)

 Address the following the statements/questions in your paper:

  1. What reason did you take this course this semester?(This course is regarding the personal strengths and career development) What were your expectations of course? Were your expectations met? The detail explanation of this course:This course is designed to introduce student to the fundamentals of planning and organizing career development strategies. Emphasis is placed on identification of individual goals,assessment of talents/strengths and values,exploration of career options, analysis of the job market,use of employment search tools (e.g., resumes, cover letters, and interviewing), and management of career pathways. Stresses the value of the arts and sciences degree in the labor market and develops job search skills that will be useful throughout life(This is the information regarding this course I offer to you please don’t copy anything above and just use your own word for answer this question)


  1. Reflect on what you knew about preparing for a career prior to the course and discuss what has changed in your planning for a career since completing the this course.                   
  2. Discuss your 5 strengths from "StrengthsFinder Assessment."(Please see "StrengthsFinder Assessment." in attachment) What is your favorite theme? What theme gets you in the most trouble if any? What theme do you think employers will like most about you?
  3. From the book You Majored in What? the author Katherine Brooks writes about the differences between linear path and a chaotic path. Which path relates to you please provide personal examples or accounts from your experience.
  4. Discuss your confidence level (10 being very confident and a 1 being not confident at all) in your major/minor choices.(Absolutely 10 and My major is BBA in finance and BA in Economics)
  5. Discuss also your confidence level in your career choice(s).(Confidence level is 10. My future career planning will be related to my major which is in the field of Finance and Economics)
  6. In the course a major project was building a complete LinkedIn profile. How will you use this resource to assist you i.e. networking, job searching and researching companies? Tell us at least a specific strategy and company you will target on LinkedIn?
  7. In an upcoming interview what question do you hope an employer asks you? What question do you hope an employer never asks you?
  8. If money, education, skills, GPA or time was not an issue would you choose the same career path? Is so, why and if not tell me more-what would you choose do and why?
  9. What is your plan of action for achieving your career goals at this time? What are your next steps?


My Career Path Plan Name: Institution: Date: Question 1. Soon after going through my education there will be a need to take up a job to earn me income and apply the skills learnt in school. Growing career wise is important, and there is inevitable need to prepare and strategize on how to have a strong foundation that would enable me to achieve my career objectives. My expectations were to be taught the fundamental skills of seeking the right job and how to work my way up through to the top. I also expected the curse to help me understand how to maximize my strengths in career practice and how to work on my weaknesses to become an indispensable tool for the organization I would be working for. I also expected some lessons on how to prepare career searching tools like resumes, cover letter, etc. I believe it has equipped me with the necessary skills to enable me to achieve my career goals. Question 2 I previously overlooked the importance of having effective


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