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Topic: Motivation in Organizational Behaviour Research Paper

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Topic: Motivation in Organizational Behaviour Research Paper


Assignment 2 - Brief

Topic:  Human Nature and Motivation

Value:  15%

Organize this assignment much like Assignment 1



NOTE: Motivation is among the most complex aspects of human nature of importance to managers. Chapter 4 surveys (shallow scan of) several well established explanations of motivation. There seems to be no one best theory (explanation of motivation)


For this assignment, compare at least one theory of motivation to a personal experience of motivation.  Briefly define motivation and describe a personal experience that can be explained by at least one theory of motivation.  


This is both formal and an academic approach to learning which is shaped by the organization of the (short) paper. Include at least one direct quote from the textbook and show correct form of an in-text citation, according to APA publishing style guidelines.



Getting Started: Think of a real life example of motivation – personal motivation or observed in another work colleague or classmate.


Then, scan Chapter 4 for the theory or combination of theories that best explain (theorize about) the example.


Required Elements:

  • Start this *brief* with a definition of motivation and summarize salient points about the theory that best explains and example of motivation that you have observed: 2 or 3 paragraphs.


  • Give an example which illustrates the theory-in-practice


  • Complete the assignment with personal insight into the theory in practice. What have you learned?


  • Include at least one direct quote from the textbook and show correct form of an in-text citation, according to APA publishing style guidelines Include a reference page. Reference the textbook according to APA publishing style guidelines.



1.5 to 2 typewritten pages (not more than 2)


Your assignment should be:

  • Type written, 11point Font
  • Double spaced
  • Use of headings is effective; these add organization and emphasis – use at your discretion
  • Generally, write in paragraph form, but bullet points within paragraphs is acceptable
  • Paragraphs should contain one key idea; avoid long paragraphs
  • Sentence structure, grammar and spelling always count


Motivation Name: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction Like a puzzle, human behavior has remained one of the most intriguing topics that is highly studied and one that is expected to remain so for years to come. It is common for psychologists to be faced with new developments relative to the actions that are perpetrated by humans. For the human resources managers, this is a crucial part of managing the talent pools that


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