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Topic: MGT312 Research Assignment: What is Your Definition of OB?

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Topic: MGT312 Research Assignment: What is Your Definition of OB?


What is your definition of OB?
2. In this module`s required reading, the author states "theories and concepts found in OB are actually drawn from a wide variety of disciplines." Please list the disciplines that contribute to OB, then provide a real world example of your experience of one of the disciplines in action.
3.Discuss the traditional mentoring relationship in business. What is mentoring? What is the mentoring relationship? Have you ever had a mentor? What are the benefits?
Based on the background material, and your own external research, name at least three internal factors that influence the behavior of an organization. From the factors you listed, name at least one associated theory, e.g., Hertzberg Theory of motivation. 
1. Based on the background reading, and your own external research, name at least 3 external factors that influence organizational behavior. Provide at least one underlying theory in organizational behavior that is associated with one of your factors. 
2. Provide a real world example of an external factor that influenced an organizational`s behavior.
What is the definition of corporate culture? How do employees contribute to corporate culture in an organization? How do leaders contribute to corporate culture in an organization? Explain your answers with support from the background material and reply to at least one other student`s post.
In Congdon & Gall`s (2013) article, a study was conducted in several countries regarding how cultures shape the offices in an organization. Review the article and think about your current workplace or a previous workplace. Then discuss the similarities between the country you chose and your workplace. Are the similarities the same between your workplace and a country other than where you reside. For example, even though your workplace is in the U.S. is it more similar to the workplace (office space) in Germany, which is considered a low-text environment. Explain the similarities providing good examples.


NAME: INSTITUTION: INSTRUCTOR: 1. Organization behavior is a discipline that is concerned with describing, understanding, predicting, and controlling human behavior in an organization environment. This subject focuses on group dynamics, how individuals relate to and participate in groups, how leadership is practiced, how the organization is operated, and how change is effected in an organization setting. Organization behavior in simple


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