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Topic: MGT 423 Case: Action Research and Organization Development

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Topic: MGT 423 Case: Action Research and Organization Development


For this assignment, first carefully review the required background materials. Make sure you are highly familiar with the main steps involved in action research and organizational development discussed in the readings. When you are finished reviewing the background materials, take a close look at the four scenarios below.

For each scenario below, think about the reasons why things did not work out well for the company in question. More specifically, think about which standard action research or organizational development step was not taken.

Your task for this assignment is not to explain what steps the organization should take—you would need to go into the company and do some lengthy action research in order to do this! Instead just review the standard action research and organizational development steps covered in the background materials and try to assess which key step was missing in the scenarios below.

Then write a 3 page paper addressing the following for each scenario:

  1. What action research or organizational step was missing and
  2. Why missing this step might have led to failure.

Make sure to discuss at least one of the required readings in your discussion of each scenario, and to cite all three of the required readings in your paper.

  1. Sales have gone down at the XYZ Widget Corporation and nobody in the organization, including the CEO, seems to know why. They decide to hire an organizational development consultant to do some action research. The consultant and the CEO spend a lot of time discussing how to proceed. It is agreed that the consultant will look at many different types of data, including sales data and interviews with most employees. After interviewing a few employees, the consultant decides that the problem faced by this company is almost the same as one of his previous clients who underpaid its sales staff. The consultant writes up a report recommending a large pay increase for the sales staff, which is immediately implemented. However, six months later sales are still down.

HN Motors is a large manufacturer of both cars and motorcycles. Given the new demand for high mileage vehicles, the company has decided to develop a car/motorcycle hybrid that has three wheels and looks like a tiny race car. However, neither the car department nor the motorcycle department wants to take the lead and the project keeps getting stalled. 


Action Research and Organization Development Student`s Name Institutional Affiliation Action Research and Organization Development Scenario 1 The missing step in this scenario is problem identification. The consultant arrives and begins interviewing some of the employees contrary to the requirement that data should be collected from all the employees. According to Lurey and Griffin (2013), action research should follow a systematic step by step procedure. In this procedure, data collection is a process of identifying the problem. Interviewing is used in diagnosing the problem. Data collection is done primarily through observation (Lurey & Griffin, 2013). Problem identification begins with the senior management realising the flaws in the company. A consultant is invited to begin interrogating the employees and the managers so as to collect data about the problems t


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