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Topic: Metamorphosis Culmination: If Gregor had a Chance to Relive His Life, What should he do Differently?

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Topic: Metamorphosis Culmination: If Gregor had a Chance to Relive His Life, What should he do Differently?


Write a well-organized one- to two-page essay answering the question: from the book METAMORPHOSIS BY FRANZ KAFKA
"If Gregor had a chance to relive his life, what should he do differently?"
Begin with an introduction that relates to one of the themes of the story: 
A. The family dynamics are changed when each family member takes on more or less responsibility 
B. Taking on the entire responsibility for a family often leads to complete destruction of self. 
C. Each family member has to give something to the family or it will not form a cohesive unit where each nurtures his own identity as well as takes on his share of responsibility. 
Be sure your thesis is placed toward the end of the introduction and relates how you think Gregor should change. Possible introductions might include:
• A scenario - A short little story, either real or fictional, illustrating your point.
• A short discussion of family responsibilities
• An appropriate quotation, either one you found or one from the story
• A rhetorical question ( A question that is asked just to make one think that is not really supposed to be answered.)
Each of the body paragraphs should deal with one thing that Gregor should do differently if he had the chance. You MUST give evidence from the story that Gregor DID NOT do these things as you have seen him in the novel. Explain WHY a change in his ideas and actions would have made a difference in his life.
Your conclusion should be from 5 to 8 sentences long and should NOT just be a restatement of your thesis. The ideas in your thesis should be addressed, but expand your conclusion to answer the questions: Why would Gregor have been better off with the decisions you have outlined?; What caused him to make inappropriate decisions in the first place?; What has Kafka said about the individual`s identity and its relationship to the family?, etc.,include work cited page


Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Metamorphosis Culmination The prevailing theme of the novella is metamorphosis. The theme being similar to the book`s title. Metamorphosis denotes a state of change from the status quo to a new paradigm. The characters in the book show multiple instances of metamorphosis. The predominant scenario being the change or metamorphosisation of Gregor from human to an insect like creature. This change sets of a catalytic set of event that in turn result in changes. The family dynamics are impacted and the family is forced to metamorphosis to accommodate Gregor`s new being. The father is forced to go back to work. Gret


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