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Topic: Marketing Assignment: Corporate Aviation Business Proposal

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Topic: Marketing Assignment: Corporate Aviation Business Proposal


Prepare a 5-page report designed for a company executive, proposing a corporate flight department for the company. The proposal should be professional and can include graphics and diagrams. Four references, including the textbook, are required and must be formatted in current APA format. A reference page and title page, properly cited in current APA format, must also be included.
The company is a large engineering firm based in Lynchburg. The firm employs 300 workers, including sales and engineering staff. The sales staff averages thirty 2–3-day trips a year, with 3–5 employees on each trip. Most of the sales trips are within a 400-mile radius of Lynchburg.
The engineering staff is involved in site inspection and pop-up troubleshooting trips. The engineer trips range from a day to 3 weeks, within the same 400 mile radius. Usually 2 engineers go on these trips about 10 times a year. The company is currently spending $180,000 a year on travel expenses.
The report should include a description and justification for the following areas:
• Why would the company benefit from corporate aviation?
• Analyze current travel needs
• Anticipate future travel needs
• Offer a solution for the company
• Aircraft
• Characteristics that make that aircraft an ideal choice
• Acquisition cost of aircraft
• Operating costs of the aircraft
• Flight department operations
• How would operations be set up?
• How to handle maintenance?
• Contingency plans
Be sure to not only answer each point, but also offer a justification for each point.
Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7.
Criteria Points Possible Points
Earned Instructor’s Comments
All 4 sources (including the textbook) have been incorporated into the proposal. 20 
The outline is free of grammatical and spelling errors. 20 
The reference, title page, and body of the proposal are written in current APA format. 15 

The content of the proposal demonstrates critical thinking and thorough understanding of the material. 70 

The body of the proposal is a full 5 pages in length. 15 

The text book is (Practical applications in business aviation management- by Cannon and Richey


Corporate Aviation Business Proposal Name Institution of affiliation Date Corporate Aviation Business Proposal Executive Summary The world is increasingly becoming interconnected as the global order tends to pan out towards globalization. As such. Businesses especially in the corporate sector meet new challenges and opportunities due to this. The opportunities consist of new markets and new sources of inputs such as raw materials and creative talent. Modern businesses must prepare effectively to be able to tap these new resources and thus ensure the sustainability of their business practices. As the business` area of influence becomes larger, it is essential that the company remains capable of exerting its control and influence in this area CITATION The11 l 1033 (The Globalisation of Firms as Social Systems, 2011). This company has over the recent years experienced tremendous growth. Our area of influence includes the whole of Lynchburg and the surrounding environs. If this trend continues unabated, the company will have an even larger sphere of influence with regard to its business activities. This is likely noting the stability of the global economy and the expected growth of our clients` business which creates greater demand for our services CITATION Can l 1033 (Cannon and Richey). In determining the necessity for a corporate aviation division for the firm, it is necessary to interrogate the facts. The firm employs 300 workers, including sal...

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