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Topic: Managing Social Responsibilities and Ethical Issues in a Diverse Workforce

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Topic: Managing Social Responsibilities and Ethical Issues in a Diverse Workforce


Ethical decision dilemma for my organization:
"To complete our jobs the Organization has to send its pilots to school and get typed in the Citation Encore and the Gulfstream 550 airplanes. The cost to send pilots to Flight Safety international is very expensive and after completing the type rating opens up a whole new world and a lot of opportunities outside of our organization to make two times the amount of money that we currently make flying for corporate flight departments and major airlines. Pilots in my organization are currently sought out by recruiters of these corporate flight departments and airlines and are offered jobs that offer great benefit packages and pay to leave our current organization. Our organizational dilemma is how do we keep our pilots loyal to our organization when there is so much pressure from outside our organization to leave, if our pilots leave our organization it makes it difficult to schedule flights for our customers as it normally takes six months to get a pilot mission ready as well as thousands of dollars of training costs."
In this activity, you will complete a paper that focuses on diversity within the workforce and how social responsibility and ethical issues impact or could impact your organization. You will be required to follow APA style when composing your submission.
The purpose of this paper is to explore current ethical and social responsibility issues in the workplace that are relevant to your organization or career. Your task is to describe an ethical issue that is relevant to your work situation (past or current). The paper should focus on individual issues that you may face as an employee or manager.
Your task is to describe an ethical issue and how it is impacting the organization. In addition, your essay needs to provide details of the dilemma along with a detailed recommendation on how the organization should proceed.
The nature of ethical decision-making is recognition, analysis and resolution. Most of the time we don’t make a decision because it’s ethical, but rather based on business; ethical decisions happen “after the fact.” After completing this activity, you will be better prepared to make those tough ethical decisions at work.
Please refer to the APA Writing Guide provided in this week’s reading/viewing area for any questions you have on this paper. In addition to the APA Writing Guide, please structure your essay papers using the following format:
Section One- Thesis: Your thesis, or topic sentence, tells the reader what your essay will discuss. In just one or two sentences, discuss what information your paper will cover; this will help you to narrow your focus and keep you from writing on too broad a topic.
Section Two: Provide a detailed description of the issue, with an emphasis on explaining the ethical dilemmas and social responsibilities inherent in the situation. Remember this issue needs to come from the organization that you are performing the SWOT analysis on, and should include information about who is impacted by this issue and why.
Section Three: Give a detailed analysis of the issue and provide YOUR recommendations on what course of action is needed and why. Given the current condition of your work environment, analyze the underlying causes of the issue and provide recommendations for both the employees dealing with the issue as well as what the organization or managers need to do in order to manage and resolve the issue.
Section Four: Provide a conclusion that summarizes your essay and emphasizes your main ideas. In academic writing, a conclusion serves to remind the reader about what your paper is about and allows you to make a final and lasting point without introducing new information.
Please include a title page and reference page with your essay and list the four sections as shown. This essay paper should be 5 to 7 pages long; this does not include your title or reference pages. All citations should be in APA format and need to be included on your reference page.


MANAGING SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN A DIVERSE WORKFORCE Name: Institutional Affiliation Managing Social Responsibilities and Ethical Issues in a Diverse Workforce Section 1: Introduction This paper seeks to establish the manner in which an organization can manage social responsibility and ethical issues within a diverse work environment, thus focusing on the element of diversity within an organizations workforce and how ethical issues and social responsibility impacts organizations. Consequently, the paper will provide details of some of the dilemmas that face an organization chosen and develop a detailed recommendation that would be used in addressing these ethical dilemmas. Section 2: Description of the Issue Managers in different organizations are bound to face ethical challenges every day in their work operations. There are seldom decisions that are faced in not having an ethical dimension to address these issues. Additionally, in facing these ethical issues in all aspects of their decision making, they are bound to confront these issues as they conduct their leadership roles. Whether these managers are engaged in the process of organizing, planning, communicating, and motivating, or other management roles, they significantly face ethical issues that include fairness and unfairness, right and wrong, justice or the lack of it into their actions, decisions, and behaviors. This clearly indicates that the level of management...

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