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Topic: M8D2 Presentation: Affects Social Issues Such as Gender

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Topic: M8D2 Presentation: Affects Social Issues Such as Gender


M8D2: Project 2 Presentation

Rita Baskerville 

For my second project this semester, I researched the subject of job satisfaction, with a goal of finding causes of job dissatisfaction, and what if any impact work environment has on

job satisfaction. I learned that this research is important, because as I learned in this course, “a job provides the material necessities of life, but is also contributes to worker’s self-esteem,

identity, and sense of order, which are important for meaning and satisfaction in life”(Hodson & Sullivan, pg. 57). I also learned that a man’s job directly relates to his sense of 

identity, and self-esteem, so it stands to reason that man must find satisfaction in the work he does.

My research topic, is also of importance, because I also learned, that “people can be either satisfied or dissatisfied with their work – they can find their work either highly engaging or utterly meaningless. People’s levels of job satisfaction are the result of their tasks, the characteristics of the organizations in which they work. “These various experiences result in different theories that emphasis either on alienation or self-actualization” (Hodson & Sullivan, pg. 58). Finally, the topic of job satisfaction is important, because, “the work environment can link the social relation at the workplace and also maintain the relationship between co-worker, supervisor and the organization” (Jain and Kaur, 2014). 

Discussion question to the class. Does work environment affect job satisfaction?  


Annotated Bibliography Part 2 Angela Bogolia Excelsior College August 19, 2016 My topic focuses on the Sociology of sports, more particularly its social aspects that affects social issues such as gender, labor, class, inequality, etc. Also, unlike sports science, my topic doesn`t focus on the technicalities or the rules of the game nor the biomechanics behind it. My approach is a more holistic one that focuses on the International rather than the national news as usually seen on the television. Below are some interesting topics about the sociology of sports. One study conducted by Yoon and Wilson (2014), focused on mainstream news media framing of North Korea and the inter-Korean


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