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Topic: M7A1: Workplace & Employee Health and Wellness Program

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Topic: M7A1: Workplace & Employee Health and Wellness Program


In Module 5, you learned that you had recently been hired as a Business Communication Analyst. In this role, you are responsible for writing reports and proposals for a variety of audiences and purposes.
For this assignment, identify a need within your own workplace. Perhaps you want to introduce a recycling program or help others get fit through a weight loss contest. It’s up to you to choose something realistic that you can support with credible research information for a specific audience. The position should be arguable. That is, it should not be something that your manager already agrees with. In fact it is best he does not agree – at least not at first.
Your audience for this proposal is your immediate supervisor, but it’s entirely possible that your supervisor will forward the proposal up the chain of command if he or she thinks it’s worthy of further consideration. As such, you’re writing a formal proposal.
The format of your proposal will follow the example shown in Chapter 11, Figure 11.12, of Bovee and Thill (20016), except that you’re writing a proposal instead of a report. For this rough draft, write at least the introduction, body, conclusions and recommendations, and references sections. You will add the other elements in Module 8 when you revise the proposal for final submission. Your rough draft should be at least 3 or 4 single-spaced pages and include a minimum of three sources to support your proposal.
Your instructor will provide feedback, which you are expected to incorporate into the final version of your report.
NOTE: While it is not an absolute requirement to include a visual element in your proposal, you may choose to do so if you believe your proposal would be more effective with a chart, graph, illustration, or other visual aid.


A need in the workplace: Employee health and wellness program Student: Professor: Course title: Date: To: John Adamson, CEO at Bell Agencies From: Thomas Hardin, Business Communications Analyst at Bell Agencies Date: 18/09/2016 Subject: A need in the workplace: Employee health and wellness program The purpose of this report is to describe a need in the workplace. The identified need is the introduction of an employee health and wellness program in the organization. I propose that we introduce an employee health and wellness program in the organization. The introduction of this program into the workplace is crucial in maintaining a healthy workplace. As the world of work continues to progress, a notable sign of a top-notch employer would be a health and wellness program in the workplace (Stuart, 2016). A health and wellness program in the workplace is basically a health promotion activity that is aimed at supporting healthy behaviours and improving health outcomes for the company’s employees whilst at work (Elia & Rouse, 2016). Such programs often comprise activities like medical screenings, weight management programs, on-site fitness programs, as well as health education and coaching. In addition, health and wellness programs in the workplace include policies that are aimed at facilitating the health of workers for instance providing nutritious and healthy food alternatives in the vending machines, offering on-site kitchens and eating areas, a...

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