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Topic: M7A1 Project 4: Social Construction of Environment

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Topic: M7A1 Project 4: Social Construction of Environment


This activity will enable you to
•Identify social arrangements interpreted as unjust and articulate the implications for social policy and action. (Sociology Major Outcome #4).
•Analyze significant economic questions according to the standards of the discipline in at least three broad subfields of economics, such as applied microeconomics, global and macroeconomics, econometrics and finance. (Economics Outcome #3).
•Read the following from Bell, M. (2009). An Invitation to Environmental Sociology.
Chapter 1: Environmental Problems and Society [PDF file size 1.6 MB].
•Read the Module Notes.
Answer the following question:
•Discuss Bell`s three issues of sustainability, environmental justice, and the rights and beauty of habitat, and provide real–life examples.
Evaluation Criteria
Keep the following points in mind:
•The project should demonstrate understanding of assigned reading materials..
•The analysis is appropriate, and relevant examples have been cited..
The paper, not including the cover page, should be 1200-1500 words in length, double spaced in 12-point font.


Social Construction of Environment Student: Professor: Institution Course title: Date: Introduction There has always been conflict to be addressed between man and the environment. The relationship between these two entities has led to major discussions and debates for more than three decades due to the escalation of social and environmental problems. The module notes on environmentalism and globalization of social problems reveals that IGOs and INGOs have been on the forefront to tackle this global issue. Environmental sociology involves the studying of the community and its interrelationships. Understanding the community and the environment could be the way forward in handling environmental problems that are leading to global warming and pollution in the society. This essay will study three challenges to sustainability, environmental justice and the rights of beauty habitat that are of concern to the ecological dialogue. Sustainability Environmental sustainability is critical in curbing the major human transformation in the environment. Challenges to sustainability will involve a discussion of five major topics (Bell, 2009). Energy Energy consumption compared to its production is higher and the types of energy people use are not sustainable or clean and safe. To solve this, the society needs to produce more or to use less. 54% of the energy used comes from oil and gas, 27% of energy is from coal and peat which are fossil fuels. 10% of th...

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