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Topic: M6A1 Project 3B: Mead`s Concepts of Self and Society

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Topic: M6A1 Project 3B: Mead`s Concepts of Self and Society


By the end of this activity, you will be able to:
Be able to explain the historical context of core social theories
Acquire a basic understanding of classical and contemporary social theory
Analyze social phenomena utilizing theoretical frameworks (Sociology Major Outcome #2)
Explain Mead`s concepts of Self and Society and whether Symbolic Interactionism can explain the impact of TV, video games, and mass media generally on the development of the self. If so, how?
Project 3B (1200-1500 words) is due at the end of Module 6
• Watch/Listen 
o PowerPoint slides for Chapter 8 [PPT File Size 1938KB]
o PowerPoint slides for Chapter 12 [PPT File Size 1447KB]
o Jason Campbell`s 6 videos 
-Video 1 [Video File 9 mins 38 secs]
-Video 2 [Video File 9 mins 42 secs]
-Video 3 [Video File 9 mins 45 secs]
-Video 4 [Video File 8 mins 48 secs]
-Video 5 [Video File 8 mins 48 secs]
-Video 6 [Video File 4 mins 41 secs]


M6A1: PROJECT 3B Name: Institution: Date: Mead`s Concepts of self and society Mead has made a great contribution to contemporary philosophy and has redefined how individuals and society perceive each other and interact thereof. Mead`s approach to the contemporary theory of symbolic interaction is scientific and philosophical thus making him pass compelling arguments on his opinions about the central theoretical influences of his work; behaviorism, pragmatism, and evolutionism. In social psychology, his arguments and opinions place him within the discourse of introspectionism and behaviorismCITATION Cor02 p 4 l 1033 (Waal, 2002, p. 4). Throughout Mead`s works, his compelling arguments on the definition of the mind, self and society have revolutionized and revamped the philosophical field. He has coined the definition of mind from its relation and dependence with its ulterior factors that determine the outcome of thought. He has also coined the definition of self and society and their inextricable relationship that craft the human behavior. It is about his works that in this essay, I am going to critically analyze the concepts of self and society as depicted by Mead and if symbolic interactionism can be used to explain the impact of TV, media and video games in the development of self. Mead`s work focuses on the process of formation and development of self. Social self, as defined by Mead, depends on the point of view that the self raises out of social interaction...

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