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Topic: M3A1: Analyze Social Phenomena Utilizing Theoretical Frameworks

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Topic: M3A1: Analyze Social Phenomena Utilizing Theoretical Frameworks


By the end of this activity, you will be able to:
Analyze social phenomena utilizing theoretical frameworks (Sociology Major Outcome #2)
Analyze significant political issues according to the standards of the discipline in three of the following areas: 
The enduring controversies and values underlying the contending theoretical and philosophical controversies which have marked either classical political theory and/or modern positive political theory (Political Science Major Outcome #2
Explain why Durkheim defined suicide as a “social fact.” Next, explain the relationship between ideas about social integration and suicide using specific concepts out of Durkheim`s work. Finally, explain the role of positivism in either of Durkheim’s work in explaining societal phenomena.
Project 2 (1200-1500 words) 
PowerPoint slides for Chapter 3 [PPT File Size 2584KB]
Alan Macfarlane video on Durkheim [Video File Size 47:05 mins]
Module Notes 3


Project 2 Student: Professor: Institution: Course Title: Date: Suicide as a social fact Introduction Durkheim alluded that suicide came from social roots rather than what the society feels as an individual act. He argues on the consistency of suicide as being a social fact through analysing suicide rates, in that, this consistency came from an individual being regulated and integrated by moral constraining forces of life. His analysis on suicide rates involved the society, the historical periods and different social groups existing in the same society (Deflem, 2013). He linked the different rates of suicides of the society and social groups to specific characteristics of the society or the social group. He found out that individual characters are rooted in social groups and that suicide rates are high at situations or places where an individual lacks moral and social integration and regulation (Appelrouth & Edles, 2016; module notes) Social integration and suicide Suicide occurs in both traditional and modern societies, but what differs is the type of suicide that happens. He refers to suicide as death, that results from a negative or positive act that is carried out by the victim with knowledge that these result will be produced. Durkheim points out two types of suicides as egoistic and altruistic suicides that resulted from over and under-integration of the victim by the society (Ayabaya, 2007). The society`s over and under regulation ...

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